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Pine Valley Historical Advisory


Fred Pendleton (435) 574-3906, (702) 293-1675 [Chairman]



Bruce Bergeson (435) 574-0220 [Vice Chairman]

Trinillee Christensen (435) 574-0303

Ryon Gardner (435) 688-2046, (435) 634-9591 St. George

Bob Herpel (435) 574-3775, Office (435) 574-3011

Donald (Buzz) Roach (435) 574-3620

Beverly Udell (435) 574-1121, (435) 574-2000. [Secretary]

Micheal Williamson (435) 574-2325, (435) 673-2937 St. George

John Willie (435) 634-5700 Washington County Representative


Committee Activities

Review of Existing Facilities and Services

Members of the committee have completed an inventory of public facilities that exist in Pine Valley. Reports have been prepared on these facilities; Drinking Water, Electricity, Ground Water Protection, Fire Protection, Law Enforcement, Garbage Collection, Postal Service, Telephone Service and Cemetery.

The committee has completed a Land Use Survey of all private Land in Pine Valley Town. The County Staff has prepared a Land Use Map based on the survey results.

Pine Valley Community Survey 2003

A survey questionnaire was prepared and mailed to Pine Valley property owners. As of May 15, 2003, 205 questionnaires have been returned and the data has been tabulated and analyzed.

Survey Results

Pine Valley Comunity General Plan

Based on the information collected from the Review of Existing Facilities and Services, The Land Use Survey and the Community Sirvey, the Pine Valley Community General Plan has been Complete. The Plan was approved by the Washington County Commission on November 3,2003. The Plan will now be use as a guide to future building, development and historical preservation activites in the Valley. Click the following link to view or print a copy of the Plan.

Pine Valley Community General Plan

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Comments may be sent to, Fred Pendleton,Pine Valley Historical Advisory Committee,312 West 100 South, Pine Valley, UT 84781 or emailed to



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