Pine Valley Special Services District Meeting (PVSSD): Minutes of the Meeting held on Sept 8, 2021

Pine Valley Special Services District Meeting
September 8, 6:00 pm.

Attending Board Members: Mary Esther Putnam, Chairwoman; Rick Peetz, Treasurer; Steve Shakespeare, Fire Chief; LaDawn Christensen, Secretary; Allen Cannon, Bob Dalley, Herman Nordbruch

Excused: Mike Stucki

Attending Guest: Emily Neilson, Frank Davie, Ed Anderson, Karan Anderson, Audrey Krohn, Duane Krohn, Lexie Rolfe, Jack Rolfe, Larry Gardner

Welcome:  Meeting called to order by Mary Esther.  Prayer given by Steve and Pledge of Allegiance led by LaDawn.

General Business:Bob moved to approve the August 2021 meeting minutes, Herman seconded and all in favor.

Report on Enterprise – Pine Valley Ambulance Agreement:  The ambulance has been delivered to Pine Valley.  Training and a few items must be purchased before it is operational.  The ambulance is dedicated to Pine Valley only, unless Enterprise requests it for additional transport support.

Impact Fees:  Rick reports fees paid for one permit, a remodel, and several transfers.

Board Member Reports:  Allen reported he will be meeting with the postmaster from Cedar City regarding a new mail building.

Fire Chief Report:Six incidents, all EMT calls except one.  Fire personnel increasing.

Treasurer Report:  Rick reported we are getting close to budget.  He mentioned the budget will increase next year and again the following year and the board should consider the impact.  Bob approved financials and Herman seconded, all in favor.

Citizens Report:  The board would like to thank Ray Lindblom for cleaning up the dump area.  Emily Nielson reported the county will hear public comment on short-term rentals on Tuesday, September 14.

The next scheduled PVSSD meeting will be October 6, 2021. [[Note: the October meeting was moved to October 13, 2021]]

PVSSD Board Meeting adjourned.  Moved into PVLAD meeting.


Pine Valley Local District’s Administrative Control Board
September 8, 2021

Attending Board Members: Allen Cannon; Vice Chairman, Rick Peetz, Treasurer; Steve Shakespeare, Fire Chief; LaDawn Christensen, Secretary; Bob Dalley

Excused: Frank Davie; Chairman, Herman Nordbruch

Excused: Mike Stucki

Attending Guest: Duane Krohn, Audrey Kroh, Karan Anderson, Ed Anderson, Jack Rolfe, Lexie Rolfe, Mary Esther Putnam, Larry Gardner, Emily T. Nielson

Welcome:  Frank Davie welcomed the group and excused Mike Stucki.

Minutes from August 4, 2021:  Bob approved, Herman seconded and all in favor.

Board Member Reports:

Frank Davie, health related Pine Valley activities:  September 18, Laura Bergeson is offering a class on making herbal medicine.

Allen Cannon, sheriff’s office report:  Allen had a conversation with Lt. Brock Bentley, the item discussed are as follows.

  • Bentley had heard that some thought that the Sheriff’s department were the ones that cancelled the holiday coverage that Pine Valley paid for in the past. Allen mentioned Pine Valley cancelled the contract and used that budget for the electronic speed signs.
    1. He confirmed that they felt some pressure to fill the requested time.
    2. They have 3-4 officers covering all the county on any specific shift.
    3. He is open to attending our board meeting should there be a need.
  • Neighborhood Watch
    1. Would be worth looking into, said that several communities have successfully set up organizations.
    2. Camera to monitor traffic into and out of the valley, did agree that access to that information would be useful should a problem occur.
  • Home Alarm Systems
    1. They do respond to all alarms that go off to determine what if anything is wrong.
  • Using local social media site to report suspicious activity.

Bob Dalley, traffic report:  Bob mentioned the traffic was down 20% year over year east bound after turning at the church, and 10% down year over year west bound. No other issues.

Herman Nordbroch, county crime report – Purgatory county bookings in the last 5 days was 53, which is probably average. Population is 260, maximum 550, and still limited due to Covid restriction requirements.  Two report property crimes reported in Pine Valley since mid-June, a portable generator was stolen and teenage boys broke and vandalized an electronic gate.

Five crime watch signs have been posted.  The board discussed replacing the small signs with larger signs.

Home Fire Alarms:  Frank suggested a welcome packet to new homeowners with home fire alarm information included.

Pine Valley Dump:  Ray Lindblom keeps it cleaned up.  The board would like to thank him for his efforts.  No other report.

Treasurer Report: Rick presented financial. Bob approved and Herman seconded.

Citizens Request:  No requests.

Meeting adjourned.

The next scheduled PVLAD meeting will be October 6, 2021. [[Note: the October meeting was moved to October 13, 2021]]