Pine Valley Special Services District Meeting (PVSSD): Minutes of the Meeting held on March 8, 2023

Pine Valley Local Administrative District Board Meeting
March 8, 2023

Attending Board Members: Frank Davie, Chairman; Bob Dalley, Allen Cannon, Herman Nordbruch, Mike Stucki
PVLAD Assistants:  Rick Peetz, Treasurer (excused); LaDawn Christensen, Secretary; Emily Nielson, Overlay Zone Advisor
Fire Chief: Robert Hardy (excused)
Attending Guests: Gene Phillips, Scott Dunkleman, Brian Davis, Rick Foster, Tom Nielsen, Mark Owens, Stacey Owens, Michelle Root

Welcome:  Meeting called to order by Frank.  Prayer was given by Mike, and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Herman.

Pine Valley Overlay Business:  No requests this month.  Emily mentioned the county sent her some regulations to review if we want to update or add the overlay zone.

Minutes from February 2023:Bob moved to approve, Herman seconded, and all were in favor.

Board Member Reports:

Allen mentioned he sent a preparation presentation given by Herman last week, and Lt. Thompson said he thought it was excellent what we are doing in the valley.

Bob reported the traffic is generally about the same.  The electronic traffic sign near the Branding Iron is no longer working after the last windstorm.

Herman stated purgatory bookings are within normal parameters and the population is approximately the same as last month.

License Plate Reader Cameras:Herman presented to the board the possibility of leasing license plate reader cameras and the benefit it would be for the valley.  He presented the company he spoke with, the cost, the number of cameras that would be useful, etc.  After a discussion, and a poll, the board suggested we discuss it at a later time.

Washington County Maintenance – Planned Flood Control Work:  Frank reviewed an email from the county sent out to the fire chiefs regarding flooding measures and what to do in a flood.  It will be posted in the Nextdoor Neighbor app.  The board discussed the issues facing the valley and areas of concern that Mike will discuss with the county.  The fire station has empty sandbags and sand for community use.  With the upcoming rain and warmer weather, Bob and Mike will get some men together to fill sandbags if anyone should need them.

Community Watch:  Gene reported the valley now has 90 members in the program.  A call to action will be scheduled soon.  Frank thanked Gene for his efforts.

Mail Building:  Emily presented a draft survey that will be sent out to residents regarding the need for a community building that would include mailboxes.  The board discussed the title and name of the building, the questions on the survey, and the maintenance assessment for the building.  Emily will work on the draft and send a final copy to the board for their approval.  Allen mentioned that any work on the project would not go forward until the Forest Service amends or gives approval for the land south of the fire station.

Treasurer Report:  Rick sent the February financials to the board prior to the meeting.   Bob approved the financials subject to the revenue line being adjusted to the amount allocated to the local district, which Rick agreed to change.  Herman seconded, and all in favor.

Citizens Request:  No requests.  Scott Dunkleman commented on border control, and Emily mentioned that the county planning committee passed the Pine Valley Mountain RV Park to be located off Highway 18 south of Central.

Meeting adjourned.  The next scheduled PVLAD meeting will be April 5, 2023


Pine Valley Special Services District Meeting
March 8, 2023

Attending Board Members: Mary Esther Putnam, Chairwoman; Bob Dalley, Vice-Chairman; Allen Cannon, Herman Nordbruch; Mike Stucki
PVSSD Assistants: Rick Peetz, Treasurer (excused); LaDawn Christensen, Secretary
Fire Chief: Robert Hardy (excused)
Attending Guests: Brian Davis, Emily Nielson, Stacey Owens, Mark Owens, Frank Davie, Scott Dunkleman, Tom Neilsen

Welcome:  Meeting called to order by Mary Esther.

Minutes from February 2023 Meeting:Bob approved the minutes, Herman seconded, and all were in favor.

Board Member Reports:  Mary Ester mentioned the county commissioners sent an email and requested she reach out and say that they appreciate the interest of anyone who applied for the interim SSD board.  They received quite a few applications and a panel reviewed them based on location within the county to ensure each community was well represented.  They looked at each applicant’s experience and hoped it would be a good mix.  Herman mentioned he, Bob, and Steve Shakespeare received an email that they would be on the interim board with Aaron Molden and Clint Hafen.  No dates or further information were provided.

Fire Chief Report:Deputy Chief Tom Nielsen reported for Fire Chief Hardy.  He mentioned station duties and daily tasks will be assigned to take pressure off leadership.  They will assign subject experts to various duties and training.

Five EMS calls in Central for the month of February.

Brian asked the board if Engine 143 could be sold, as it is not being used or have a purpose.  The board approved.

The deputy chief asked Mark Owens to put numbers together regarding the asphalt and concrete replacement in front of the fire station bays.  The board wants it done as soon as possible.  Mark provided a detailed explanation of what was required, the materials, and the time frame.  He believes the project will be approximately $20 thousand dollars and believes it will not be more than that.  Bob mentioned the project is in the budget and asked if the fire department leadership wanted this, and Tom said it was unanimous among the officers.  Mark asked if the board wanted him to oversee the project and the board unanimously approved.  The number of bids was discussed and the possible businesses that would be interested.  Mark will return to the board with the bids and his recommendation.

Treasurer Report:  Rick previously sent the February financials to the board.  Bob had one suggestion that Rick adjust the results, to which Rick agreed.  Bob approved the financials, and Herman seconded, all in favor.

Citizen Requests:  None

The next scheduled PVSSD meeting will be on April 5, 2023.

PVSSD Board Meeting adjourned.