Pine Valley Special Services District Meeting (PVSSD): Minutes of the Meeting held on July 7, 2021

Pine Valley Special Services District Meeting
July 7, 6:00 pm.

Attending Board Members: Mary Esther Putnam, Chairwoman; Rick Peetz, Treasurer; Steve Shakespeare, Fire Chief; LaDawn Christensen, Secretary; Allen Cannon, Bob Dalley, Herman Nordbruch, Mike Stucki

Attending Guest: Jack Rolfe, Lexie Rolfe, Jan Brown, Dan Brown, Ed Anderson, Jack Sloan, Lisa Sloan, Frank Davie, Emily Neilson

Welcome:  Meeting called to order by Mary Esther.  Prayer given by Mike Stucki and Pledge of Allegiance led by Herman.

General Business: Bob moved to approve the June 2021 meeting minutes, Herman seconded and all in favor.

Report on Enterprise – Pine Valley Ambulance Agreement:  Steve reported the ambulance airlift fittings and valves are being repaired.  No known delivery date.

Dinner Committee:  Steve and Bob recommending another building to host additional mailboxes.  Only 7 slots are left in the current building.  The dinner committee has funds available to donate and purchase a temporary building until a permanent building can be built.  There was mention of a building to support community events since the Pine Valley Chapel may not be an option in the future.  Emily Neilson indicated people valued the community events and believes a new building would be supported.  Mike Stucki remarked grants are relevant.  Mary Esther suggesting the dinner committee fund a temporary building.  Buildings can be sold once they are no longer needed.  Allen motions dinner committee fund a temporary building and requests the group move forward in the process of planning and building a permanent building.  Bob seconded, and all in favor.  Allen to head committee for a permanent building for the mailboxes.

Impact Fees:  Rick reports fees paid for a shed and expansion.

Board Member Reports:  Mike asked the board what streets in the valley need to be coated with magnesium chloride to reduce dust.  It was suggested First South and Meadow View Drive.  No other issues reported.

Fire Chief Report: Eleven incidents since our last meeting.  9 EMT callouts, 2 illegal reported campfires in the area and one campfire at the campground.  Steve mentioned that our area is under Stage 2 fire restrictions, and that everyone should be aware of it.  The fire department continues to move forward with its goal to be up to national standards.  Steve attended a meeting  with all fire departments on Highway 18.  All are working together with the help of Enterprise Fire Dept to get up to national standards.  Allen & Bob asked about our risks for fire and EMT personnel.  Rick remarked that we are covered by government trusts.  Steve indicated weekly training and files of what we do and who attends carefully documented.

Treasurer Report:  Rick presented financial reports for May 2021.  Bob approved and Allen seconded, all in favor.

Citizens Report:  John Nichols commented that the fire department serves the valley well.  Jan Brown asked how a water spigot can be locked to deter others from using. Emily Nielson reported that the Pine Valley Overlay meetings in June were highly attended by the community.  She is currently in a holding position to present the information and the committee’s recommendations to the county.

The next scheduled PVSSD meeting will be August 4, 2021.

PVSSD Board Meeting adjourned.  Moved into PVLAD meeting.

Pine Valley Local District’s Administrative Control Board
July 7, 2021

Attending Board Members: Frank Davie, Chairman; Rick Peetz, Treasurer; Steve Shakespeare, Fire Chief; LaDawn Christensen, Secretary; Allen Cannon, Bob Dalley, Herman Nordbruch, Mike Stucki

Attending Guest: Jack Rolfe, Lexie Rolfe, Annie Eastmond, Dan Eastmond, Jack Sloan, Lisa Sloan, Emily Neilson

Welcome:  Frank Davey

Minutes from June 2, 2021:  Herman approved, Allen seconded and all in favor.

Board Member Reports:

Frank Davie, health related Pine Valley activities:  The medical preparation meeting with Dr. Root and Laura Bergson held June 5th was helpful and successful.  29 members are now in the Emergency Preparation Group on the Nextdoor Neighbor app.  The Pine Valley Branch Preparedness Committee maintains the survey results of skills and resources available in the community for use during potential disasters.  A garden group is on Next Door Neighbor with 47 members.  A garden show will be held in the future.

Allen Cannon, sheriff’s office report:  Allen mentioned that Brock Bentley with the sheriff’s dept is a possible contact for safety issues in Pine Valley.  He asked what information we want communicated.  Bob suggested property crime and vandalism.  Allen will also ask and get a feel of when and how often the sheriffs are in the valley.

Bob Dalley, traffic report:  Bob reported that the traffic sign reports is reading positive for those keeping a respectful speed under 30 mph.  Main issue is on the east side of the valley.

Herman Nordbruch, county crime report (general crime rate):

Herman communicated with Deputy Neighbors and he reports the following:

  1. The primary area of criminal activity in western Washington County is vehicle break-ins in Snow Canyon State Park by an unknown criminal group. This group randomly stakes out parking lots where people park when they hike the trails, then breaks vehicle windows and steals contents of the vehicle.
  2. The only other recurring criminal activity in western Washington County is the group of methamphetamine users residing in Veyo. The Sheriff’s Office is aware of who most of these people are, and routinely attempts to keep track of them and their activities.  They tend to move around between different dwellings in Veyo.
  3. Surprisingly, there were no reports of crime or major traffic issues in Pine Valley over the Independence holiday weekend. Currently, the most important issues are children having ATV accidents, and the ongoing threat of wildfire.  It is recommended that Dispatch be notified of any violations of the current Stage 2 fire restrictions, and a deputy will be sent to cite any offenders.
  4. There is an ongoing traffic safety issue with reckless drivers passing in no passing zones on Highway 18, which is extremely dangerous. Please drive defensively, and report reckless drivers to 911 Dispatch.

Overall County Crime & Information

  1. Current total Purgatory population: 260 (max capacity is 500). Capacity is currently limited by COVID distancing requirements.
  2. On 16 June, Washington County officials recently approved an agreement with Southwest Behavioral Health Center to partner on a new substance abuse and mental health crisis center, which will provide a place where law enforcement can take people in crisis due to mental health or substance abuse issues instead of jail. The new facility will be built in Hurricane near the DMV office.  The facility will be managed by personnel from the Southwest Behavioral Health Center.

Pine Valley Property Crimes:

  1. On Friday night 4 June, someone stole a trailer hitch from an RV camper in the recreation area.
  2. On Sunday 13 June, Joseph Ray reported that someone shot a couple of paintballs at his house on the corner of Lloyd and Sage.

Herman created the “Community Crimes Reporting” group on the Nextdoor Neighbor app for residents to report crimes for PVLD and for community awareness.

Herman recommended posting three “Neighborhood Watch” signs in a few strategic locations:  Valley entrance, Meadowview Dr & Main Street, Lloyd Canyon & Main Street.  Allen approved, Mike seconded, all in favor.

Mike Stucki, Five County report:  Mike reports that the Five County Association has what is called a CIB report and part of it deals with grants and loans.  Mike is looking for grants, and any examples of grants that would fit our needs.  He will report next month.      

Treasurer Report: Rick presented financials. Bob moved to approve, and Herman seconded.

Citizens Request:  Steve Shakespeare commented that he would like to see fire alarm systems in homes, most specifically for part-time residences.  This will help notify the fire department more quickly if a smoke has been detected and it may help save a home.  He suggests the board give advice to the community on options and companies who can install alarms.  Will add as an action item for the next meeting.  Emily will add to the overlay zoning requests.  No other concerns.

Meeting adjourned.

The next scheduled PVLAD meeting will be August 4, 2021.