Pine Valley Special Services District Meeting (PVSSD): Minutes of the Meeting held on April 7, 2021

Pine Valley Special Services District Meeting
April 7, 2021 6:00 pm.

Attending Board Members: Mary Esther Putnam, Chairwoman; Rick Peetz, Treasurer; Steve Shakespeare, Fire Chief; LaDawn Christensen, Secretary; Allen Cannon, Bob Dalley, Mike Stucki
Excused: Herman Nordbruch
Attending Guest: Frank Davie, Dan Brown, Jan Brown, Audrey Krohn, Duane Krohn, Emily Neilson, John Nichols, Alan Gardner, Larry Gardner, Marge Shakespeare, T. Davie

General Business: Prayer given by Bob and Pledge of Allegiance led by Mike. Meeting called to order by Mary Esther. Bob moved to approve the March 2021 meeting minutes and Mike seconded.

Report on Enterprise – Pine Valley Ambulance Agreement: Bob reported that he and Steve met with the Enterprise city manager and Fire Chief Moody to discuss the ambulance agreement and inspect the ambulance. They are currently waiting on a revised agreement.

Impact Fees: Three building permits received.

Board Member Reports: Mike contacted the county regarding road improvement. No improvements are currently on the calendar for Pine Valley. No other items discussed.

Fire Chief Report: Three call outs in the last month. Two in Pine Valley and one in Central. Volunteer fire and EMT’s are currently qualifying to drive the ambulance. Fire volunteers are preparing for the fire season. Steve requested funds for a new pressure pump for the water tender so it will meet wildland regulations. Bob moved to approve, and Mike seconded, all in favor.

Treasurer Report: Rick Peetz presented financial reports for March 2021. Approved by Bob and seconded by Allen. The annual fire assessment was billed out last month.

Citizens Report: No issues.

The next scheduled PVSSD meeting will be May 5, 2021.

PVSSD Board Meeting adjourned by Bob and Allen seconded. Moved into PVLAD meeting.


Pine Valley Local District’s Administrative Control Board
April 7, 2021

Attending Board Members: Frank Davie, Chairman; Rick Peetz, Treasurer; Steve Shakespeare, Fire Chief; LaDawn Christensen, Secretary; Allen Cannon, Bob Dalley, Mike Stucki
Excused:  Herman Nordbruch
Attending Guest: Allan Gardner, Larry Gardner, Emily Nielsen

General Business: March 2021 meeting minutes approved by Mike and Bob seconded.

Board Member Reports:

Frank Davie – Reported that manufacturing homes under the Federal Fair Housing Act cannot be kept out of any area where single homes are allowed.  In Washington County they can be no older than 15 years at time of install.  Cattle guards east of Main Street and on Lost Arrow Road need improvements.  Mike will take as an action item.

Mike Stucki – Reported recreational vehicles can be stored on personal property unless it becomes a hazard or derelict.

No other reports.

Treasurer Report: No issues.  Bob moved to approve March financials and Mike seconded.

Traffic Signs Report:  No issues.

Citizen Request:  LaDawn reported a road construction sign on west side of the valley has been left on the side of road for over a year and needs to be removed.  Mike will contact the county.

The next scheduled PVLAD meeting will be May 5th, 2021.

Frank moved to adjourn, and Allen seconded.