Pine Valley Special Service District Meeting (PVSSD): Minutes of the Meeting held On September 3, 2008

Attending Members: Mary Esther Putnam (Chair); Dall Winn; Jeff Gardner; Spence Beckstrom.

Also Present: Gerald Schiefer (Fire Chief); George Cropper (Treasurer); Beverly Udell (Secretary).

Guests:  Scott Vance; Guin Winn; Larry Evans; Victor Christensen; Judy Randall; Bob Herpel; Bryce Fleming; Sarah Fleming; James Hamilton; Shane Hamilton; Anthony R. Colline; Angelica Quintero; Marion Sandberg; Ivin Sandberg; Junior Barrett; Anthony Colline; Joyce Spilker; Chris Spilker; Cindy Gray; Wendell Gray; Kevin Gilman; Rodney Sainsbury; Cathy Sainsbury; Darlene Self; Jerry Self; Mike Fluharty; Jim Rains; Laura Bergeson; Bruce Bergeson; Loretta Corpe

Absent: John Nichols

1.  General Business:

a/b. Welcome – Meeting was opened by Mary Esther (Chair) at 5:00 PM and the Pledge of Allegiance was said.

c. Minutes: The Minutes from the meeting held on August 6, 2008 were read by each Board member individually.  Dall motioned to approve the Minutes as corrected, Spence seconded that motion and all else approved.

d. Pine Valley Building Permits Reviewed: One set of plans was approved by the Board for Nordbruch @ 1001 E. Pine Valley Rd., Lot 5.

e. Board Member Reports:

Mary Esther:

Spence:  Local District – it was supposed to be set for August, but in reviewing it, the County Attorney said that it needed to be on a ballot, so it will go on the ballot for vote in November.  Pine Valley residents will get the opportunity to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at that time.

Jeff: Kudos to Wendell Gubler about the road repair in Pine Valley.* Jeff has talked to some of the Pine Valley residents who are concerned about the large size of the homes being built on the hill in the Sundburg Development. Mary Esther said that we probably would not have any control over that.  It is set for 10 building sites on 3 acre lots each.  Jeff said that three sites are especially susceptible where they can be seen by everyone in the Valley.  People don’t want monster homes here – they want to keep the rural look and feel.

Dall: Shared the vision for the possible fire station expansion – maybe shooting for next spring.  Looking at a 45×60 foot addition.  They are looking at both the current needs and for the needs of the future.  We also will be needing a water tender and the addition will allow us a place to put it.  He also explained the exhaust problems that will be addressed at the same time.

Fire Chief – Gerald:  See attached report.  Also Gerald spoke about how we are providing EMT services for Brookside, Veyo and Central.  People can’t figure out why they don’t get their own EMTs and that it is not very fair that those folks become our responsibility. * The Board will share expenses with the Pine Valley Dinner Committee to outfit and get medical bags with supplies for the 3 new EMTs.  * We need to get 6 new radios at about $2000 and 3 pagers at $1200. Dall motioned to approve all of the above, Jeff seconded with a strong “Let’s git’er done!”  All else were in favor as well.*  In response to the report that we had several fires that were started by contractors burning the extra material left from their housing site, Jeff asked if we could charge the contractors.  Judy Randall said that she traced down a builder in St. George who started one of the Pine Valley fires.

Judy Randall: She said that she has been present in Pine Valley a lot, and that there are two cars present almost the whole holiday weekend.  Gerald and Dall each saw several ATV issues happening either right beside or right behind the deputy who was leaving town, and the deputy never saw them.  Gerald said that it has been helping to coordinate radios with any deputy in town.

Treasurer’s Report – George:  See attached report. * The State Auditor sent a letter saying they accepted out report for 2007.  * A question came up about why we can’t get on the grant list for the Five County Association of Governments.  Dall said that we once were, but the money never seemed to trickle down to us.  Dall will check into it again.  He also said that quite a bit of the money was in the form of loans, not grants.

2 –   Public Comments:   Chris Spilker told of his wife shattering her knee and he asked about what it would take to get ambulance transportation in Pine Valley.  The answer is that we ourselves are not set up for that, and might not even be because of all of the logistics involved, so we remain having to be reliant on Enterprise and St. George Ambulances.  We are not allowed to transport someone who is hurt or sick.* Darlene said that the ATVs on Mountain Meadow continue to be a problem, as she feels they are dangerous. * Tim Gramm from the lodge came to give a report on his plans for the lodge, which will go before the County Commissioners in about 3 weeks.  Rod Sandsberry is the contractor for him. They need to get the property rezoned. They are looking at building 30 condos units within 4 buildings, plus a separate service building and parking. It has yet to be determined whether they would rent them like a hotel, or sell them. Tim said that regarding the paving of Meadow View Dr., that he is by law required to have it paved and sidewalked, but the Commissioners gave him the indication that if the residents of Pine Valley didn’t want the road paved that they would waive that issue. Chris asked if the water was sufficient.  Tim responded that they need to install an 8” pipe and fire hydrant.  Gerald is concerned about Pine Valley having enough water to put out a possible fire.  He feels that they need a sprinkler system and more water.  Rod said that the water issue (lack of) is really the water companies call, not the lodge’s specifically. * A PERC test for the lodge will be conducted after rezoning has been approved. Bob Herpel said that water suppression is done in other areas in the Country by having water storage right on the property, to which Rod replied that there are often grants available to help with something like that – again referring back to it being the job of the Pine Valley water company. Gerald spoke with Kirk Gardner and he will check into something like that as a need for the lodge.  Tim went onto describe the building setbacks of a min. of 25’, but that they would rather build a berm for the neighbors if the setback could be waived or moved. A question was asked of Tim how they will control the additional ATV and other traffic caused by the proposed condo units.  He answered that he was going to propose that there be CC/R’s stating that ATV’s will not stem from that property, but will have to be trailers out. Mary Esther said that sounded good, but wondered if it could be enforced.  Tim said that he would put up posting and also verbally talk to customers about it.  Mary Esther then asked Tim if he would be advertising that Pine Valley is an ATV recreation area.  Tim said “yes”, but that he would suggest Grass Valley as the riding area.  He might even put a recreation post in Grass Valley for those riders.  Loretta Corpe then asked about the big trailers that would then be parked at the lodge parking due to the ATVs, did they take that into consideration when designing the parking lot. Tim plans to set up a property management company to handle all the affairs of the property.  Gerald asked about a sprinkler system for the building, to which Tim said that hasn’t been set up yet because they are still in the land use stage.  Zoning is already zoned for nightly rentals.  The PV General Plan clearly states that PV doesn’t want any more commerce here.  Tim said that he pays taxes on the property, which he feels he is landlocked and the property is basically useless to him as it is.  Jeff asked Tim if he was planning on selling the land for condos piece by piece, to which Tim answered that would depend on the zone change. Bruce Bergeson said that he was worried about Tim setting precedence and opening up a can of worms if he started building condos and Tim said that the County has already turned down 3 other requests for such a project.  Fred said that the General clearly stated no more development and that 98% said they wanted to keep the rural feel of the valley.  Dall asked the audience to get back with the Board in writing about their feeling on the whole lodge/condo subject.

Jeff moved for the meeting to adjourn at 7:30.  All were in favor.


The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 1, 2008 at 5:00 P.M.