Pine Valley Special Service District Meeting (PVSSD): Minutes of the Meeting held on October 4, 2017

Attending Board Members:   Mary Esther, Chairwoman; Dall Winn and Allen Cannon

Also Present:  Rick Peetz, Treasurer; Rachel Carignan, Secretary

Absent:  John Nichols, Herman Nordbruch and Fire Chief, Steve Shakespeare

Guest:  Bruce Bergeson, Frank Davie, Guin Winn, Larry Gardner, Alan Gardner, Gerald Schiefer, Ford Northington, William Hoy, Laurett Winterton,  Dave Codding, Robert Hardy, Melanie Hardy, Mark Ekins, Game Warden; and Joe Rechsteiner, Forest Department


Mary Esther called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.  Allen led the Pledge of Allegiance and Mary Esther led the prayer.

The Minutes of the September 6, 2017 Meeting were read by each Board Member. Allen motioned to accept the Minutes, Dall seconded the motion and all else were in favor.

Building Permits to Review

There were no Building Permits.

Guest:  Dall introduced Mark Ekins, Game Warden, representing Wildlife Resources, whom he invited to speak to the board on the Yellow Belly Marmot Problem in the Valley. Mark explained to find the problem area and work on that.  He said they had not had this problem before.  They are a non game animal acceptable to kill.  His Department will assist anyone that has a problem with the marmots.   They can call Wildlife Resources at 435-865-6100 for help with this problem.

Possible Zone Change Larry and Mary Esther are concerned about a possible zone change in the Valley.  Larry drafted a letter concerning this problem.  Mary Esther read the letter to the SSD Board.  After reading the letter Mary Esther asked for a vote of the Board.  Allen agreed with the letter and made a motion to accept, and Dall seconded it and all agreed.  They will be taking the letter to the Planning Commission’s meeting on Tuesday, October 10th at 1:30.  Everyone thanked Larry for bringing this to the Board’s attention.

Board Member Reports

Mary Esther mentioned two Board Members’ terms are up in December: Herman and Dall  They need to reapply and forms will be posted in the Post Office.

Allen   None

Dall Winn   brought up the Fireman’s Appreciation Dinner being held on Oct. 26, 2017 at 6:00 with the same menu as last year.  If you haven’t sent back your letter you need to respond to order the food.

Joe Rechsteiner from the Forest Department reported the Forest Survey was completed and will have the final Survey done in the Fall.

Fire Chief Report   Rick presented the fire report for September and October.  Laurett told us they are back with their license under Enterprise as they were last year.  Gerald read a statement regarding the Grass Valley Fire of June 9, 2017.  He was asked to write this statement from the Forest Department.  He read the Statement to us.

Treasurer Report:  Rick read and explained the “Balance Sheet” dated September 30, 2017, the “Profit & Loss Sheet” dated September 2017, the “Profit and Loss Detail Sheet” dated September 2017 and the “Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual Sheet” dated January through September.  Financials were motioned by Allen, and seconded by Dall, all else approved.  Review of Budget will begin next month.

Allen motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:00 pm.  Dall seconded and all were in favor.

The next scheduled PVSSD meeting will be November 1, 2017 at 6:00 pm.