Pine Valley Special Service District Meeting (PVSSD): Minutes of the Meeting held On November 3, 2010

Attending Members: Mary Esther Putnam (Chair); Dall Winn; John Nichols; Jeff Gardner

Also Present:; George Cropper (Treasurer); Beverly Udell (Secretary)

Absent: Spence Beckstrom; Gerald Schiefer (Fire Chief)

Guests: Guin Winn; LaMar Terry; Dave Holdsworth


1.  General Business:

a/b. Welcome – Meeting was opened by Mary Esther (Chair) at 6:00 PM and the Pledge of Allegiance was said.

c. Meeting Minutes for October 6, 2010 were reviewed. Dall motioned to approve the minutes. John seconded the motion. All were in favor.

d. Pine Valley Building Permits Reviewed:  N/A 

e. 2011 Tentative Budget Review: See George’s Notes. George will put a notice in the Spectrum regarding the Budget hearing for next month.

f. Board Member Reports:

Beverly: Read a letter from John Davis, who was a 72 year old gentleman that was rescued by EMT’s and firemen. He had fallen while hiking on the mountain. He sent a very nice “thank you” with a donation of $500.00.

Mary Esther: Lester Wittwer Investment Co. has now had their septic approve.

John: John Wayne will be donated to Jamie Udell for Christmas. J No new changes regarding Special Service District coming down the pike, says LaGrande Bitton.

Jeff: Jersy Barriers are wonderful! We wished they would have also put them a little farter up the hill.

Dall: $2400 hydrant repair bill will be paid by us. The Board decision is to send a letter to the P.V. Irrigation Company stating that we will pay the bill this time, but that in reality part of that bill should have been their responsibility because the water line is their domain.

g. Fire Chief – Gerald was in EMT-I training in Enterprise (see report).

h. Treasurer Report – George (see report).  * Bevin Killpack said that to date there is not an emergency evacuation plan in place for the campground areas. CERP meeting last Thursday, about 40 people came. Our plan is to give the Forestry Department a copy of our plan and ask them to sign off and join us.


2 –   Public Comments: LaMar Terry came to thank the Board for sending a letter to the County on his behalf regarding his road issues. So far, LaMar has not heard anything back. Last wors from Ron Whitehead was that they did not have the money to pay for it. Mary Esther will continue to follow up on that. A suggestion was made to have the PVSSD pay for the road to be fixed (an amount of possibly only a couple hundred dollars), then we would categorize it under a fire and EMT necessity. George reminded everyone that road work is not in our charter.


Dall moved to adjourn at 6:55.  All were in favor. The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 6:00 P.M.