Pine Valley Special Service District Meeting (PVSSD) Minutes of the Meeting held On March 5, 2014

Attending Members: Mary Esther Putnam (Chair); John Nichols; Herman Nordbruch


Also Present: Gerald Schiefer (Fire Chief); George Cropper (Treasurer); Sharon Northington (Taking Minutes in Beverly’s Absence)


Absent: Dall Winn; Jeff Gardner; Beverly Udell (Secretary)


Guests: Fred Pendleton; Ford Northington; Gene Phillips; Rick Peetz


General Business: Called meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mary Esther. Welcomed guests.

Gerald led the Pledge of Allegiance * Quorum Present – For election of new officers it was agreed that Dall Winn and Jeff Gardner should be present. Election to take place at April 2014 meeting.

* Mary Esther welcomed and introduced new Board members; Herman Nordbruch to the PVSSD Board and Ford Northington to the Local Admin Board. Also, Dall Winn has been re-appointed to the Board. John Nichols suggested the appointment of an alternate; voting not attributed(?) * Mary Esther received a call from the City requesting our financial records. George Cropper said that they send letters every year. John Nichols made motion to provide appropriate records. Seconded by Herman Nordbruck. Motion passed.


Minutes of Meetings: *Note – As an oversight during the meeting, the Minutes for February were not revued. They will be voted on during the April meeting.


Building Permits: N/A John Nichols reviewed the steps for new home builders:

  1. Homeowner to obtain Building Permit from ______________?
  2. PVSSD to Approve plans
  3. Fee to be paid at time of PVSSD Approval
  4. Homeowner to obtain County Building Permit.

Board Member Reports:

Mary Esther: N/A

Dall Winn: Absent

Jeff: Absent


John: John Nichols asked what is happening with regards to repair of side rail at the cattle guard entering the valley. John will inquire if insurance will cover the cost of repairs.


Fire Chief Report: Gerald – See attached report. * Gerald stated that the equipment he purchased was paid for by private grant. * The Chief has prepared new operational guidelines, only guidelines. * He also shared pictures from EMT training in Enterprise and said that the training was excellent.


Treasurer Report: George provided Profit & Loss Statement for February 2014 (see report.) * He stated that all bank accounts are now at Cache Valley Bank. * He has been reviewing the State Auditor Financial requirements but that the report is not due yet. * George provided each Board member present a DRAFT of a proposed Purchasing Policy for PVSSD. A Procurement Code is in the Legislature right now. After April when State Law is settled, then PVSSD should consider approval of its own policy. Further discussion concerning this policy will be on the Agenda for April. Gerald will check with other Chiefs to see what their practices are with regards to amounts authorized.


Citizen Comments: Gene Phillips announced that the Red Cross is making a Heroes Award presentation to Chief Schiefer at a luncheon on Thursday, March 27, at the Gardner Center on the Dixie State University campus in St. George. Lunch will be between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and tickets will be $25.00 for friends and family of Gerald. * Rick Peetz introduced himself as a full-time resident of Pine Valley as he and his wife are now retired and sold their home in Las Vegas. Mary Esther welcomed them to the community.


Jeff made motion to adjourn at 7:00. The next PVSSD meeting will be held on April 2, 2014 at 6:00.