Pine Valley Special Service District Meeting (PVSSD): Minutes of the Meeting held On February 7, 2007

Attending Members: Mary Esther Putnam (Chair); Gerald Schiefer (VC); Dall Winn; Spencer Beckstrom

Absent Member: Ron Snow

Also Present: Steve Robinson (Fire Chief), George Cropper (Treasurer) and Beverly Udell (Secretary)

Guests: Mark Wells; Guin Winn; John Nichols; Clint Hansen


1.  General Business:

a/b. Welcome – The meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M. with the opening being the Pledge of Allegiance.

c. Minutes:  Minutes were read by Mary Esther.  After review they were approved in the following sequence.  October 12, 2006 – Dall motioned for approval and Spence seconded that motion. All were in favor.  January 3, 2007 – Gerald motioned for approval, Spence seconded (as corrected) and all were in favor.

d. Pine Valley Building Permits Reviewed:  (1) Permit for Victor Rocha, 16111 Halldale Ave., Gardena, CA  90247 (Lot 1, Pine Valley Meadows – across from Slade’s old house.)  (2) Clint and Kirsten Hansen, 2447 Hafen Lane, Santa Clara, UT  84765 435-656-5848  (Lot 21 – 175 S. 490 West Cir.)

e. Motion to pay the $65.00 annual dues for the Utah Association of Special Service Districts.  Beverly was appointed as the representative to vote at the annual UASSD conferences each November.

f. Treasurer’s Report – George (see George’s Report)  State Auditor’s report will cost $500 for the compilation at the revue level, but because we went over $300,000 last year (because of grants for the new fire truck), it now bumps us up to the next level of audit that we need and therefore the revue level will now cost $2000 to $2500 according to the State Auditor’s Office.  This is not something that we have a choice on.  Dall asked if we can shop for CPA’s that might not be as expensive.  George answered that one advantage to keeping Savage and Esplin was that they are already familiar with our books, so they wouldn’t have to start from scratch in learning (and therefore hopefully not cost as much as someone who was starting from the beginning.)  George had asked the State Auditor’s office if we could possibly be exempt from the higher level because this was only going to be a one year only issue, but the answer was “no”.  George will not make any commitments to Savage and Esplin until he hears back from Mary Esther, who will check with other CPA’s to compare pricing. * George shared a second report.  He now also has a request for an analysis from the Utah Local Government Trust in regards to how much insurance we need.  Items to be insured would include our buildings and its contents, not including the trucks.  The Board agreed.  *  George received a donation from Glen Mack.  The feeling from the Board is that we should set it aside for something specific, so that we could show Mr. Mack exactly how the monies were spent. Mary Esther wrote up a “thank you” for Mr. Mack which Beverly will place in the mail.

g.  Board Member Reports:

Mary Esther:  Spoke again with Commissioner Eardley and both the Sheriff & Deputy about the OHV issue.

Spence:  Mark Wells from the Pine Valley Activities Committee wants to do an all community clean-up on Memorial Day weekendMark said that the PV Activities Committee would like to set up a town wide clean-up for Memorial Day weekend.  The reason for this of course is to make the Valley look better, but even more than that is because of fire mitigation.  Mark plans to have a meal afterwards.  He would also like to have the ability to remove any hazardous waste.  He is looking towards maybe bringing in more dumpsters for that weekend.  Mark’s committee will send out a letter detailing this for the property owners.  They plan to also bring in a chipper.  Fire Safety Week is the week before and leading up to Memorial Day.  The proposed clean-up will be Saturday of that weekend.

Gerald: We are looking into the possibility of building a Community Center for Pine Valley.  The Forest Service dedicated 9 acres of Forest Service land, some of which is what the Fire House and Post Office sit on.  The Forestry Department had wanted the rest of it to be used for something to benefit the people who live in Pine Valley.  An Environmental Impact Statement has already been completed.  Bevin will have his crew bring down some pine trees from the camp ground.  We are looking to make some type of pavilion, maybe 180×80 feet in size.  Earl Snow has approached the Dixie REA and they will be willing to donate some funds if they would be allowed to use it for their annual Pine Valley Dinner.  They might also be willing to furnish us with power.  Earl has also talked to Larry Gardner about getting some irrigation water to help us water the landscaping.  The Feds will line the pavilion and grove with trees.  We would like to put in year round picnic tables. There would be room for ball fields, etc.  Gilbert Jennings (builder) is excited to help.  We have also already spoken to Ed Evans and maybe someone could contact Bryce Christiansen.  This would be a project for the whole town.  We could have a barn raising!  We could have our barn dances there as well!  Just lots of dreaming for the future.  Brad Stucki is looking into making the PV Dinner Committee a 501©3, so donations could possibly be funneled through there if wanted.

h. Fire Chief’s Report – Steve: January Call Outs, Fire –None, EMS – Two, 26 total fires in the last 5 years – 18 in the last 3 years * State Grant, Due Feb. 2, 07, instead of May 7th this year. We will not know until we receive our notice whether it is a 90/10 or a 50/50 split. We have applied for a total of $8,408 on out state grant for 07. This included a combined total for equipment and training funds, primarily for Wildland Interface equipment and training. * Steve received two bids, as required, for the cost to purchase a “set” of hoses and nozzles to outfit our backpacks as discussed last meeting. The costs are competitive and I will be ordering our sets from Fireman’s supply @ $3,008, plus 4-1 ½’” bale valves. Steve also requested the PVSSD Board’s approval on the bulk purchase of the Class A Foam from Fireman’s supply, in the amount of $2,412.00. This will be approximately a two year operations and training supply. He discussed this with the board last month to be ready for this year’s fire season, and with a bulk purchase, the unit cost is reduced from $97/5 gallon unit to $67/5 gallon unit. The bulk purchase allows us to prepare our stock well in advance at a substantial discount. Gerald – Motions for okay on Steve’s spending this month. Dall 2nd’s it. All were in favor. * The Washington County Fire Chiefs met last night, and after several hours of discussion on HB146, it was apparent that a major change will be required, as a result of several law suits that are threatened to be filed. The Mutual Aid agreement between the County and all Fire Departments will not be renewed until later this spring when the County Attorney can provide clarification on the existing format previously used. Steve will keep the board members posted as to the results. *  Burn permits are required and will be administered by either Steve, Gerald Schiefer or George Cropper until May 30, 07’. At that time a review will be made and a restriction will be placed (as usual) until October 31st.


2 –   Public Comments – None


At 7:40 PM, Dall moved for the meeting to adjourn.  Gerald seconded.


The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 7, 2007 at 6:00 P.M.