Pine Valley Special Service District Meeting (PVSSD) Minutes of the Meeting held On February 5, 2014

Attending Members: Mary Esther Putnam (Chair); Dall Winn; John Nichols; Jeff Gardner


Also Present: Gerald Schiefer (Fire Chief); George Cropper (Treasurer); Sharon Northington (Taking Minutes in Beverly’s Absence)


Absent: Beverly Udell (Secretary)


Guests: Fred Pendleton; Ford Northington; John Ames; Laurett Winterton; Gene Phillips; Kirk Smith


General Business:

Mary Esther called meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Welcomed guests. The Pledge of Allegiance was said. We should have a new Board Member by February 18, 2014. Election of new officers will take place after appointment is announced.


Minutes of Meetings: Minutes from meeting of November 6, 2013 were reviewed by the Board. Dall Winn made a motion that they be approved as submitted. Motion passed.


Minutes from meeting of December 4, 2013 were reviewed by the Board. George Cropper proposed a correction that would state that the meeting included “Public Hearing to accept comments”. John Nichols motioned that this change be added and the Minutes be approved. Dall Winn seconded the motion. Minutes approved as amended.


Minutes from meeting of January 8, 2014 were reviewed by the Board. Jeff Gardner moved the minutes be approved as submitted. John Nichols second. Motion passed.


Building Permits: John Ames appeared before the Board with plans for remodel and addition of 528 sq. ft. construction on home in Lloyd Canyon. The plans had already been approved by Washington County Building Dept. After review by the Board, the plans were signed off by John Nichols, Mary Esther Putnam and Dall Winn. John Ames paid the $264 fee to George Cropper, Treasurer.


Board Member Reports:

Mary Esther: Mary Esther brought up for discussion the subject of building fees for Pine Valley. Mary Esther said that we need to send a copy of the letter dated August 15, 2011, regarding “Update to Pine Valley Special Service District Impact Fee Letter” to the Washington County Building Dept. * Mary Esther said that Vicki Frei and Beverly Udell have posted all the minutes of past meetings of the PVSSD to the Washington County/Pine Valley web site.

Dall Winn: Dall Winn stated that the installation of fire hydrants has been approved and that we need to determine the number required, their location and bids for installation. Steve Shakespeare said at least four are needed and that an assessment will be done in the spring to determine the appropriate number and locations. He said that three bids will be obtained at that time. Dall Winn said that there is a Pine Valley memo with the understanding that costs will be paid for the by homeowner or developer.


Jeff: Jeff Gardner commented that there has been good snow removal in the valley after the last two storms.


John: John Nichols mentioned that there is a lot of digging going on at the three story home of Jason Rogers and asked if there are any building plans for this activity. Fred Pendleton will check on the situation. Steve Shakespeare asked if one can dig on one’s own private property. It was the consensus that such activity would be okay so long as it would not interfere with the proper function of public property


Fire Chief Report: Gerald – See attached report. * Gerald Schiefer submitted Chief’s Report 5 Feb 2014. Itemized incidences during month of January including training attendance records, volunteer hours for Fire Dept and training schedules. Purchased stabilization gear from L&N Curtis; negotiated price of $6,000. Purchased new emergency generator, wiring has been installed. Pine Valley now has emergency power capability. The Chief thanked Gene Phillips and Ford Northington for their assistance with this purchase. Chief announced that Cameron of Enterprise EMTs has rendered his resignation. Chief will notify Board when a replacement has been selected.


Treasurer Report: George Cropper provided the Profit & Loss Statement for January 2014. Dall Winn proposed that a separate accounting be established for Grant funds which are currently being included in the General Fund.


Mary Esther made a motion that a new computer be purchased for George Cropper in view of the fact that his computer is several years old. Jeff Gardner seconded. Motion passed.


George said that state law says we should have a purchasing policy in accordance with state law policy and procedures. He suggested that the Board adopt a policy or accept state statutes for purchases made. Generally speaking, for purchases up to $500 approval by the Board would be appropriate; purchases between $501 and up to $2,000 should require price quotes from at least two vendors; purchases between $2,001 and $50,000 should require written proposals by three vendors and any purchase above $50,000 should go out for competitive bids. He will prepare a draft for review by the Board.


Citizen Comments: N/A


Jeff made motion to adjourn at 7:30.