Pine Valley Special Service District Meeting (PVSSD) Minutes of the Meeting Held on December 3, 2014 at 6:00 pm

Attending Members:      Mary Esther Putnam, Chairwoman; Dall Winn, Vice Chair;

Herman Nordbruch

Also Present:     Beverly Udell, Secretary

Absent:               George Cropper, Treasurer; Gerald Schiefer, Fire Chief; Jeff Gardner, John Nichols

Guests:               Fred Pendleton, Ford Northington, Guin Winn, Steve Shakespeare; Lee Snow

General Business:


Mary Esther called meeting to order at 6:02 p.m.

Herman led Pledge of Allegiance


Meeting Minutes:

Minutes of the Meeting for November 5, 2014 were read by each Board member. Dall motioned to accept the Minutes as written with the correction of one typo. Herman seconded the motion, and all else were in favor.

Building Permits: N/A


Budget Hearing for 2015: Dall was standing in for George (George was out sick.) Dall shared George’s report of the adopted tentative 2015 budget. Lee Snow questioned each line of the tentative budget, to which the Board explained everything to him and his reply was then “Excellent!” The public hearing was closed and the Board then started their voting for approval of the tentative 2015 PVSSD budget. Mary Esther motioned for approval of the 2015 budget, Dall seconded that motion and all were in else favor. 2015 PVSSD budget was passed.

Board Member Reports:  

Mary Esther: Mary Esther took a moment to update everyone of that status of the head injured boy that the Pine Valley EMS and Fire helped in November. His sister keeps up a blog on his progress.


Dall Winn: Dall talked about the outstanding bill from the PV Irrigation Co. and how discussion on the bill has gone back and forth all summer between the PVSSD and the PV Irrigation Co. Dall feels that we have now come up will a resolution and agreement that everyone can live with, not only for this present bill, but also how the PV Irrigation company will give us notice ahead of time about any possible future work. The bill is concerning the nine fire hydrants that were updated for a total cost of $27,900. We will proceed to pay the bill in two installments, the first in December 2014 and the second in January 2015.


Jeff: Absent

Herman: N/A

John: Absent


Fire Chief:     See Steve Shakespeare filled in for Gerald (who is also out sick) and presented Gerald’s November report. Gerald is very concerned about the community (non-fire related) using the fire station for storage. The problem arose with the ‘Activities Committee’ needing storage for their community event supplies, and then also adding the nativity set and Christmas tree supplies. The PV Dinner Committee has always stored their items at the fire station, but they have also always used part of their proceeds to fund extra fire department needs. Also the Dinner Committee uses a small amount of storage space in comparison to what the Activities Committee storage needs are. After some discussion, the Board determined that since we have “recreation” under our jurisdiction, we are able to help the Activities Committee by putting up a separate shed of some type for them to store their supplies in. This would also keep the non-fire department people out of the station to protect our fire and EMT equipment and also solve the possible insurance dilemma if non-fire people were hurt while in the building.


Treasurer Report: Dall submitted Georges submitted Profit & Loss Statement for November 2014. All were in agreement that George does an amazing job!


Citizen Comments: The 1st annual Christmas tree lighting went beautifully. The Activities Committee did a wonderful job and this is such a terrific addition for our community. Funds for the tree, decorations and also the life-size nativity scene were obtained through the PV Dinner Committee and also some private donations.


Dall motioned to adjourn the meeting at 6:55 p.m.