Pine Valley Special Service District Meeting (PVSSD): Minutes of the Meeting held On August 1, 2007

Attending Members: Mary Esther Putnam (Chair); Dall Winn; Spencer Beckstrom; Gerald Schiefer

Also Present: George Cropper (Treasurer) and Beverly Udell (Secretary)

Guests: Fred Pendleton; Guin Winn; Helga Love; Gayle Cloud; Michael Sthultz; Lee Snow; Gae Robinson; Scott Vance

Absent: Ron Snow; Steve Robinson (Fire Chief)


1.  General Business:

a/b. Welcome – The meeting was called to order at 6:02 P.M. with the opening being the Pledge of Allegiance.

c. Minutes:  Minutes from June 6, 2007 were read by Mary Esther.  They were motioned for approval, with no corrections, by Gerald and seconded by Dall.  All were in favor.

d. Fire Chief’s Report presented via typed report from Gerald– see extra page.

e. Pine Valley Building Permits Reviewed:  Prince, Joy @ 347 Lloyd Canyon Dr.  Lot A-B-2, Lot 2

f.  Sheriff’s Report:  Canceled due to rain and flooding in the St. George and Gunlock areas.

g.  Board Member Reports:

Ron:  (Absent) Ron is supposed to report on Impact Fees, but he is absent, so he will report next month.  Currently St. George is charging $10,500.  Cedar just doubled theirs from $4500 to $9000.  We are substantially below that. Spence wonders what we are allowed to use the Impact money for.  The way things are set up, we are only allowed to use the money for Fire Department items, but maybe later that could be changed as our charter changes.  Spence feels that we could easily double our Impact Fee with no problem based on what others are charging.  Gerald also noted that we should consider charging Impact Fees for add-ons, which we are not currently doing.

Gerald:  Gave an update report (at Lee’s request) on the thoughts about the possible future pavilion area.  Mary Esther asked for a written report from Gerald about what is in the works regarding pavilion thoughts. * Lee also asked if the Fire Department had ever fought any fires.  He was given some detail on how active the fire department is. * Gerald reported that Rob Tersigni wanted to know how Pine Valley was handling the new OHV rules.  Gerald told that while not perfect, there doesn’t seem to be as much misuse.  A lot of people don’t know yet of the new rules, so we have installed new signs to inform.  People do seem to know when the deputies are in town because the OHVs disappear during that time.  See extra page for Gerald’s report…. * Gae has been recertified for EMT for another 4 years.  Yeah!  Gae said that EMT services in Pine Valley are pending. * The Mayo Clinic has devised a new standard for CPR, which will be taught to our people soon.  * Gerald attended a class regarding safety with propane tanks.  We have tons of them in the valley * Gerald has also been working on his Hamm Operator’s license, so he will be ready in case of emergency and our phones are cut off.

Spence:  At one time we talked about utilizing 1st North for ATV usage instead of Main Street.  Spence feels that we still have an ATV problem unless the sheriff is present.  Maybe we should put a “dummy” in a car so people think the sheriff is in town.  Gerald added that the meetings with the Commissioners should still continue regarding ATVs

Dall: Contacted Kenny Canfield about 1st North for ATV use, but he feels that just went to the bottom of the pit.  Dall put up a sign by the church, at the corner by the map for community informational use (not for 4-sale signs.)  The sign was paid for by the previous dinner committee.

Mary Esther:  Contracted services (Bev, George and Steve) need to have their contracts revued and possibly updated.  It has been several years since that was done.  Mary Esther passed out copies of the old contracts and asked Bev and George to look theirs over and be prepared to comment at the next meeting, and the Board may then vote on contract updates or revisions.  She was not able to find a signed copy of Steve’s contract, so that will be revued as well.  It was also decided that annual contract revues are needed to keep things current.

h. Treasurer’s Report – George:  See George’s typed report.  In addition to what is on that report, he also is adding a $1500. impact fee.  The rest of the month was pretty routine financially.  Year to date, we have taken in $53,830 in fees, $28,350 in Impact fees.  Mary Esther asked George if we could put some of that money into other accounts that would gain us further interest.  George said he would look into it.  * A letter from the state auditor said that we were doing great, but it didn’t include management reports or notes.  * George was given permission to get the copy machine fixed.

i. Fire Station #2 – Mary Esther reported that someone approached her about purchasing the property.  The water district wants us to keep it.  Lee Snow came as a representative of both the water district and his dad who had originally donated that property for the fire department to build a station on.  The station was never built there, so currently we are renting the space to the water district.  Lee felt that he should have 1st rights to make a purchase offer.  It was the consensus of the board that we certainly don’t need that property currently.  We also shouldn’t be in the real estate business in regards to renting or just keeping the property if we don’t need it.  The Board decided that selling the property was probably the best option. The Board recommended that Mary Esther speak with Lee privately to see what his offer was. * Gae was asked about the EMT status for Pine Valley and she responded that it is currently pending.  Gae has recently recertified for another 4 years – YEAH!! * There were 4 fire call-outs – 3 of them were false alarms, the other was a lightening strike on a tree.  The Feds used a helicopter to dump water on the tree.



2 –   Public Comments – Scott Vance asked about the Condo signs that have been going up advertising the building of 24 condos in Pine Valley.  Fred told him that there are a lot of requirements that these people will have to go through before they can even start on condos, and Fred’s opinion is that it will never happen.  It was suggested that George ask Julie to keep us posted as it comes through the Planning Commission.


At 7:30 PM, Gerald moved for the meeting to adjourn.  Spence seconded.  All were in favor.


The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at 6:00 P.M.