The regular meeting of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board Members was held on Wednesday, April 7, 2004 at the Pine Valley Fire Station Conference Room on 680 Main Street. Chairperson, Ron Snow, called the meeting to order at 6:05 P.M and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Board Members present; Ron Snow, Chairman; Victor Christensen, Ryon Gardner and Gerald Schiefer, Vice Chairman. Also present: Dall Winn, Fire Chief; Julie M. Cropper, Secretary/Treasurer. Absent: Mary Esther Putnam. Public present: Fred Pendleton of the Pine Valley Historical Committee, and George Cropper.

Secretary, Julie M. Cropper read the minutes of the meeting held on March 3, 2004. A motion by Gerald Schiefer was made and Ryon Gardner seconded the motion to approve the minutes.


Due to a computer printer malfunction, Julie was unable to make available a quarterly financial report. (Savings Account $32,402.13).

Banking resource information for approved public funds (qualified depositories) was given to Ron to pass on to Mary Esther so she could follow up on her report.

Julie made an appointment with Mr. Jan Fuhrner, Utah Special Service District Executive, to come to our Wednesday, May 5,2003 meeting and direct us in preparing by-laws for the Pine Valley Special Service District. Everyone was encouraged to discuss such items as procurement or integration with the Pine Valley Historical Advisory Committee, travel expense procedures, department budgeting, etc.

Julie reported on the Utah State Auditor's Office Regional Seminar.

- Find out whether our Tax ID is the same as Washington County's.

- Special funding groups can not use the Pine Valley Special Service District name with their functions or activities. Special funding groups are required to have a business license.

- Don't spend certain Grant money before money has been received.

- Itemize expenditures.

- Budgetary. Can not spend more than budget allows without advertised public hearing to amend.

- Unspent money should be identified to a Capitol Project Fund. .

Ron said he knows of no new building permits requested for the Pine Valley area. Correction to be made: Victor's last month's approval was not on Sage Street but in the East end of town.

Ron commented on what has transpired about the bill from Qwest to the Service District about paying for lines cut during installation of a fire hydrant. He gave the bill to the Pine Valley Irrigation Company who was responsible for the installation. Board member, Ryon Gardner, who works for the Irrigation Company, said that the dates on the bill were wrong and Blue Stakes had been called.

Gerald Schiefer commented on the Legislative Session Summary.

Ryon is having a hard time making the Pine Valley Historical Advisory Committee Meetings. Fred Pendelton, Chairman of the committee, reported that the future of the committee is under discussion and it could expire in July 2004.


Fire Chief Dall Winn said we should do something to specifically identify a budget for the Fire Department. Dall continued by saying that we would have to identify what expenses will or will not be in the "Area Department" budget. Gerald Schiefer asked about how to budget matching funds for Grants that we may or may not get. Are budgeted matching funds required to be spent for the items identified on the Grant? Medical Grants have to pay half.

Dall suggested an administrative budget to handle fire house expenses. Discussion: Quick Books and how to allocate budgets.

Dall discussed setting taxes up on mill levy. Washington County does most of the work and all property is assessed rather than just houses with property.

The Community and Economic Development (Five County Organization) meeting was attended by Steve Robinson and Dall Winn. The subject was about low interest loans and grants ($3 Million). If you put in for this there is no obligation to do anything. It was suggested that we start the ball rolling on future needs, to expand the Pine Valley Fire Department Building. It would be good to get approval from Forest Service as soon as we can and set ground work for Grants looking to the future.The proposal would be made for $20,000.00 (estimation), to expand the bay area and south end of the conference room. The plans need to be approved first.

Completed expenditures for $3,000 (State Grant) - Cargo Trailer, $2836.00; and GPS.

Authorized Uniform & EMT equipment for Steve Robinson - $328.14

Mack Truck was donated to the Utah Cedar Mountain Fire Department.

Discussion on EMT expenses and how much is being funded by Grants.

- EMT expenses are being substantially met through Grants.

- Should contracts be necessary between those in training and the Pine Valley Special Service District? The Service District doesn't want to be a training ground for those who end up leaving shortly thereafter. By having a contract, we would have some commitment. The next EMT trainees will need to sign before training begins and financial commitments are made.

- $2,500.00 Grant to come in July 2004 for future EMT Schooling.

- $1,500.00 Grant money already spent for Gae (EMT) and Steve Robinson, EMT Trainee.

Washington County Fire Chiefs Meeting will be held here on Tuesday, May 4,2004 at 7:00 p.m.




Chairman Fred Pendelton announced that Bevin Killpack, District Ranger, attended their meeting. They discussed Forest Service funding to do a master plan for the Heritage Center. They will ask the community about what they want. The Forest Service is possibly closing the work center at Enterprise and expanding their facilities in Pine Valley. Plans to revamp the campgrounds are moving ahead. The committee meeting will held Thursday April 8, 2004. They will be working on recommendations and guidelines for Washington County to implement the Pine Valley General Plan.

Gerald said that the restoration and signing of the older homes is a good idea. Fred had identified a potential of about 22 structures. Mixed reactions on survey: preserve history, have tours, marking properties and identifying locations of historic things that don't exist anymore.

The Forest Service wants to carry the historical theme into campground improvements. It would be advisable to get a master plan for 9 to 10 acres behind the Pine Valley Fire Station, also.



There being no further business, Victor Christensen made a motion to adjourn. It was seconded by Gerald Schiefer and the meeting closed at 7:35 P.M.



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