The regular meeting of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, February 4, 2004 at the Pine Valley Fire Station Conference Room, 680 Main Street in Pine Valley. Chairman Ron Snow called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Board Members present; Ron Snow, Chairman; Mary Esther Putnam and Gerald Schiefer, Vice Chairman. Absent: Ryon Gardner and Victor Christensen. Also present: Dall Winn, Fire chief and Julie M. Cropper, Secretary/Treasurer.

Public present: Fred Pendleton, Pine Valley Historical Advisory Committee Chairman; Steve Robinson representing Washtngton County Planning and Zoning; Lee Carlile, Gae Robinson, Beverly Udell, George Cropper, Bob Winters, Boyd Camper, Gary Draper, Susan Winters, Laura Winters and Mike Fluharty.

Secretary Julie M. Cropper read the minutes of the meeting held on January 7, 2004. The minutes were discussed and four corrections noted including revising Steve's estimated EMT expenses to $750, the date of this meeting, approvaa lof the Pine Valley General Plan on November 30, 2003 and one typographical error. Mary Esther moved acceptance of the minutes with these corrections. The motion was seconded by Gerald and passed.

Steve mentioned that his EMT training costs will be reimbursed 50% by a grant.

Ron and Steve gave a rundown on the ATV meeting with the County Commissioners on January 12, 2004. The Washingtbn County Commissioners have committed to more enforcement for the ATV speed limit and now have a better understanding of the concerns of Pine Valley residents with respect to ATV issues and will look at this again in six months.


Ron mentioned that Washington County has voted to revise its emergency operations plan and also is applying for five hazardous materials units to be used around Washington County. Pine Valley would receive service from a trained regional team from St. George.

Ron said he was not aware of any building permits to be considered and none of the other PVSSD Board Members had specific items to be discussed.

Julie gave a brief financial report induding savings and checking account balances. She also suggested that the board consider putting all or part of the savings money into something that coufd draw a better interest rate than the regular savings account. She will look into what rates are possible and report next month. Julie also said that she will seek a CPA or auditor to look at the year 2003 financial reports being prepared for the State of Utah.

The issue of funding for the Pine Valley Website was discussed. Vicki Frei has done the Website with minimal funding from the Pine Valley Special Service District. The District Charter does not provide for funding this activity.


Fire Chief Dall Winn reported that the cement step at the front door had raised due to frost and the door cannot be opened. This was discussed and Steve Robinson agreed to arrange for someone to have the step cut down. Gerald Schiefer moved to cover this expense, Mary Esther seconded the motion and it was passed.

Dall also reported on the following:

- he is working on the forest fire reimbursement which should be here next week.

- next training will be February 21, 2004 at 10:00 am. The statewide winter fire school will be in St. George later this week.

- the community sign has been updated and put back up.

Dall also said that the telephone service into the fire station has been financed by the Pine Valley Dinner Committee for several years and suggested that it would be more appropriate for the District to assume this responsibility and expense. Mary Esther made a motion to make this change, it was seconded by Gerald and passed.



Pine Valley Lodge and General Store owner Boyd Camper mentioned that there are comments and information on the Pine Valley Website that are quite negative toward his business. The board discussed this at length and was emphatic if this was the case. We don't want to get into grievance airing or chat room situations for they are inappropriate and not be allowed.

Boyd Camper asked about the authority of the Board Members and how it related to that of Washington County. It was explained that the County has planning and zoning authority, but does consider inputs from this board and other members of the public.

A lengthy discussion ensued between Mr. Camper, Mr. Winters, the Board Members, and the public present about plans for the Pine Valley Lodge and how it may or may not impact the community and nearby residents. The discussion included locations and use of horses, details of cabin and employee rentals, whether the Pine Valley Lodge is or isn't open and ATV rentals. Mr. Camper and Mr. Winters expressed serious concern about how the community had reacted to their business and that this had gone so far as having a direct effect on how children of their employee was being treated. They provided a phone number where people with questions or concerns could reach them and get firsthand information about their plans.

Ron said that he would like to go on the record in saying that this Board has not taken any position on activities at the Pine Valley Lodge outside of concerns about meeting the Washington County zoning requirements.

The Board members expressed their concern and said that they did not think this community as a whole agrees with or condones discriminatory behavior especially toward children and expressed that the discussion showed that most of the issues were on the road to being solved.


Fred Pendleton offered the results of the community survey to help understand what property owners in the community are looking for.



There being no further business, Mary Esther Putnam made a motion to adjourn. It was seconded by Gerald Schiefer and the meeting closed at 7:35 P.M.



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