Pine Valley Historic Advisory Committee (PVHAC)

Minutes of the Meeting Held On September 4, 2003

Attending Members: Bruce Bergeson, Fred Pendleton, Beverly Udell, Trinilee Christensen,
Buzz Roach and Mike Williams
Ex-officlo Member: John Willie, Washington County
Absent Members: Bob Herpel, Ryon Gardner PVSSD

Pledge of Allegiance was said at 6:07 P.M., and the meeting was called to order at 6:09 PM by Fred Pendleton, Chairman.

The meeting followed the previously posted agenda, however items # I and #2 were switched in order.

1 - Terms of Officers: Fred brought up the subject of the terms of this committee's officers, namely Fred as Chairman and Bruce as second in charge. Mike motioned that by "acclamation" we just continue with Fred and Bruce in their current positions. Buzz seconded that motion and all were in favor.

2 - Approval of the Minutes: The `Minutes' from the May committee meeting, held on May 2, 2003, were read by Beverly. Bruce motioned for approval of the minutes, Buzz seconded and all >were in favor.

3 - Review comments from the Public Hearing: John told how on the Friday previous to this meeting, Bevan Killpack of the Forestry Department took people to the campsite for a meeting. John said that the consensus was that in the plan for the campsite revision, they were moving the campsites back closer to the water. Talk ensued about the letter that the Forestry Department had sent out. Buzz and Bruce are concerned about the turkey habitats in the area of the campground and reservoir. Beverly reminded them that an environmental study would have to be done on any changes in the environment of the area, which would also include the area of the turkey habitat.

John reported that there are 128,000 OHVs registered in Utah. Later this year there will be a bill requiring out of state OHVs to have a special permit to enter Utah. As of a meeting of the other day, the OHV trail looks like it won't come through Pine Valley, instead it looks like it might go through Pinto and then head west.

John passed out a report of comments that were given during the public hearing which would be an amendment to the Preliminary General Plan. John went through each item as it would be amended. (See Report.) Mike motioned to accept John's changes as reported, Buzz seconded and all were in favor. One comment that all the committee members stated and agreed upon was how well written and worded the "quality of life" section of the report was. John said the General Plan might be approved by October.

Trinilee asked about "natural colors" wording that was in the General Plan report. John answered that those would be committee recommendations, not ordinances.

4 - General Plan and the County Commission: Bruce motioned, Trinilee seconded, and all were in favor that the General Plan should go before the County Commission.

5 - Where do we go from here? The subject came up about signage on houses or maps of the historical areas for a future project. John also mentioned that maybe we should have future house plans looked over by our committee before they ever reach the PVSSD, so that we could encourage the look of historicity that we want maintained in Pine Valley.

Fred looked up the original county ordinance that was set up for this group. Trinilee and Bruce both mentioned that they believed our committee should go on forever to oversee the historical value and quaintness of the valley. Both "C' and "D" under number 8 of the original ordinance could be considered in the "on-going" factor of our committee. John said that in the near future we may want to assess the zoning on the land that isn't presently built on. John said that in the yery near future subdivisions that come in could put in their own alternative sewage system and get it approved, which means they wouldn't have to abide by the current septic tank restrictions.

The topic of OHVs came up again in regards to how disgruntled most of the people in this town are. Talk also came up about the helicopters that are in the area, one of which is being built by Mike Childs, which came as a surprise to most of this committee. Helicopters definitely wouldn't fit with either the historical value nor the quaintness of the valley.

Comments, non agenda items None

At 7:42 P.M. Bruce motioned to adjourn the meeting until November 6. Buzz seconded the

motion all were in favor.

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