Pine Valley Historic Advisory Committee (PVHAC)
Minutes of the Meeting Held On March 6,2003

Attending Members:
Fred Pendleton, Beverly Udell, Bruce Bergeson and Bob Herpel,
Ex-officio Member (present): John Willie, Washington County
Absent Members: Trinilee Christensen, Ryon Gardner PVSSD
Guest: Gerald Scheifer

Pledge of Allegiance was said at 6:03 PM, and the meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM by Fred Pendleton, Chairman.

The meeting followed the previously posted agenda.

1- Approval of the Minutes: The Minutes from the previous committee meeting, held on February 6,2003, were read by Beverly. Bob motioned for approval of the minutes, Bruce seconded and all were in favor.

2- Report on John Willie's PV Existing Facilities Report Draft and Land Use Survey Map - John told us that his report was simply a "picture" of where we are currently at, as was submitted by this committee and our findings. Once the survey results are all tabulated, then the report will again be up for revue and revised. Bob had a question in regards to the water company, which is a private one. Bob said it's a negative value on properties. He wanted to know if then our water company could be classified as a "community" water system instead of a private one. John thought not, but then Bob asked what if the shareholders wanted to state that they have better uses for the water? John said he didn't know the legalities. Bob then gave the example of an unscrupulous person who could possibly in the future be taking off with the water funds. Bob said water qualities are regulated, but not business practices.
Once information on the surveys comes in and is tabulated, then John will sit down with us again and go by each topic one-by-one. At that time we will look at the information through eyes into the future, instead of looking at the information in the present tense.
Bob then asked about the date of segregation for division of land lots. The year was 1992. Bob also asked John if there were any county monies available for plaques, etc., if the need arose to identify historical homes. John said that there wasn't, but a Historical Society might be able to help with that.
John said he would make 50-100 copies of his report for the summer folks to have.

3- Plan Elements data requirements
A: Circulation >- Gerald Schiefer -Gerald shared with John and this committee the "PV Wildlife & Structural Fire" Plan. issues that he and his committee are working on. Examples were "Section #1 Community Description and Need" , "Section #2 Geographic's - thinning of trees" , etc. Currently Gerald has documented 32 homes with 72 permanent residents of Pine Valley. The town is already set up in 6 sections for fire zone identification. Section 3 was about how to mitigate fire problems. The Forest Service is helping with things like tree trimming. They started in Lloyd Canyon and more will be done when the snow melts. These will be good flrebreaks around the outskirts of town. Then Gerald also had suggestions listed in his binder of things that PV residents should do. Section #4 was Fire Department policies. #5 was regarding characteristics of fire, safety areas, emergency routes, escape routes, fire and structure fire info, etc. #6 was about traffic control, which Gerald shared that he had scoped out areas that each fire truck could get to. He had a color coded PV map which showed areas that could easily be gotten to, as well as ones that would present problems. Bruce asked who was responsible for the private
areas in Grass Valley. Gerald answered that we would respond to fire/EMT needs in Grass Valley. Major bottle neck areas are the campground and the road entering PV. We will make an agreement with Control that they will stop all traffic coming up except emergency vehicles. PV residents will have to stay here until all emergency crews are up, and then PV residents will be allowed down the hill. Another problem area is "4-mile" . John asked about the old road to Central - but it's only possible with a high clearance 4-wheel drive. One escape road for residents is the Pinto road. One option out of the campsite could be the Equestrian campsite's road. The Forestry department has issues with putting in certain roads for evacuation because then the 4-wheelers would use them. A possible option to solve that might be gates.

3B: Recreation Activities and Facilities Available - Fred proposed to defer this item until a future date.
4- Contmunity Survey - Status Report - The surveys are coming back in very nicely - now totaling 93 returned. 23 of them Fred had gotten earlier and already has tabulated. Some of them had comments of thanks for the work that this committee is doing.
5- Committee Vacancy - Mark Wells has resigned due to being away from town so often. Fred will call Buzz Roach and Mike Williamson to see if they are interested in becoming members of this committee.
6- Comments, non agenda items - The Pine Valley Historical Advisory web page is now up on the Pine Valley web site.

7:20 Bob motioned to close the meeting, Bruce seconded - all were in favor.