Pine Valley Historical Advisory Committee (PVHAC)
Minutes of Public Hearing Held On July 22, 2003

Attending Members: Fred Pendleton, Donald (Buzz) Roach, Mike Williamson, Ex-Offico Member John Willie

Community Members Attending: Betty Roach, Julie Cropper, Lee Carlyle, Gary Draper, Rhean Pendleton, Erle Snow, Tony Romney, and Renae Romney

The Pledge of Allegiance was said at 6:30 PM and the Meeting was Called to order at 6:32 PM.

1 - Welcome and Introductions: Fred welcomed those present and introduced the Committee Members present.

2 - Backgound on Plan Development: Fred briefly described the information developed by the committee, i.e. reports on the present state of facilities and services, Land Use Survey, and Community Survey 2003.

3 - Presentation of Pine Valley General Plan: John presented additional information of the preparation of the preliminary general plan. He presented and reviewed the Land Use Map which shows the present land use or where we are now. He also discussed the status of facilities and services in the Valley as reported by committee members. He considers all facilities to be able to serve the community well, and have the capability to meet future needs.

John showed the General Plan Map which is based on the Land Use Map and information developed from facilities reports and the Pine Valley Community Survey. He compared the Map to the existing Pine Valley Zoning Map and stated that any changes in zoning, if any, will be minor. Residential development will continue to be limited by septic tank restrictions in areas with high water tables and steep mountain slopes.
He emphasized the importance of livestock grazing and related agricultural activities in the historical characteristics of the valley and stressed the importance of continuing these activities. It may be neccessary to educate new members of the community in order to avoid conflicts.
Additional commercial development is opposed by the majority of the property owners and is not economically feasible; therefore additional commercial development is not likely.
The Agricultural/Open Space designation includes agricultural land and those areas where development is not possible due to septic tank restrictions. (High water table, floods zones, and septic tank restrictions).

4 - Public Comment:

Julie Cropper 1) Suggested that Pinto Road be added as a secondary access road to and fromPine Valley. (See Circulation and Transportation, page 13)
2) Ask if meadow would become dry, if irrigation stopped, there by making development feasible. It was the opinion of those present that this is not likely.
3) Recommended that policy statement four under Commercial Development be revised to change business activity to commercial or non-commercial activity. (Commercial Development, Policies, page 9)
4) Correct Fire Protection Statement from "two paid officers" to "one paid officer and one paid secretary". (Fire Protection, page 10)
It was noted that these people are under contract and paid by the Pine Valley Special Service District.
5) Clarify Postal Service section. Emphasize that the facility is a mail drop only and that no others services are available, i.e. No Stamps (See Postal Service, page 11)

Erle Snow 1) Stated that "Meadow areas would be in Agriculture Protection were it not for the events of 9/11/2001." Property owners were pursuing this but funding (State Grants) has not been available. (See Agricultural / Open Space, Policies, Statement 9)
2) Current status of new well. Casing has been complete and gravel placed. State Inspectors will be here this week to witness the placement of concrete around the top 100 feet of the casing. Installation of the pump will follow. Culinary Water statement should be updated from "planned" to "in-place". (See Culinary Water, page 12)
3) Current status of new sub-station. "Location of the new electrical sub-station has been approved. The sub-station has been ordered. Once the sub-station has been received installation will require one week." (See Electricity, page 13)

Gary Draper Stronger wording should be used regarding opposition to Inter-County ATV trail coming through Pine Valley Town. (See Paths and Trails, page 15)

General Discussion: 1)The location of the Inter-County ATV Trail has been discussed with USFS officials and they are aware of the concerns of the people of Pine Valley. The construction of a bridge across the gulch west have town has been proposed. This would provide the necessary connection between Grass Valley Road the old Pine Valley Road on the south side of the gulch.
2)The combining of lots or parcels , especially small lots should be made easy. (Erle Snow)
3)Should there be a section or additional emphasis on preserving quality of life. (Julie Cropper) 4)Add a section on Communications - Telephone and Cellular including improved line and switching quality to improve internet access. It was suggested that a committee member be assigned to contact Qwest.

5- Comment - non agenda items: None

At 7:35 PM, Buzz made a motion to adjourn the Hearing, seconded by Mike. Meeting Adjourned.

Phone and Email Comments:

Celia Snow (Phone Call) Add a statement to Residential Development Policies encouraging the planting of trees within lots and along streets. (See Residential Development, Policies. Page 8)

Floyd Lawrence Cannot attend the July 22 meeting, (birthday conflict). However I would like to make a general comment on construction. It seems we all like the Valley, pretty much as it is. We can't keep it that way, but we should have input on these overbuilt lots. If people want to buy an acre or two, and erect a monument to themselves, that is okay, but on these small residential lots, overbuilding should be controlled. It detracts from surrounding structures, and blocks neighbors' views. PVSSD should consider a conditional use permit process. (This message was posted, on the Pine Valley Website, by Floyd Lawrence, posted on July 17, 2003) (See Residential Development, page 8).

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