Pine Valley Historic Advisory Committee (PVHAC)
Minutes of the Meeting Held On July 2.2003

Attending Members: Fred Pendleton, Beverly Udell, and Bob Herpel, Trmilee Christensen,Buzz Roach, Mike Williams Ryon Gardner PVSSD
Ex-officlo Member (not present): John Willie, Washington County
Absent Members: Bruce Bergeson
Guests: Gary Draper

This meeting was held at the Pine Valley Heritage Center.

Pledge of Allegiance was said at 5:35 PM., and the meeting was called to order at 5:36 PM byFred Pendleton, Chairman.

The meeting followed the previously posted agenda.

No minutes were read. Deferred until the next meeting.

Set a date for a public meeting: this would be an input session for the public to go over the General Plan and take suggestions. The members of this committee will be available for notes and comments. Bob asked about errors on the report, so the committee discussed what those changes should consist of some slight wording changes and typos.

The date for the public hearing was decided for July 22, 2003 at the Heritage Center, with the meeting broken up into sections geographically so that more people could fit into it. Buzz motioned that the meeting be held on the date and manner which was discussed. Mike seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Mike suggested that the wording of the General Plan should stress more the historical issues and not have the emphasis be on items like water contamination, even though water contamination IS major issue.

Fred said that after the public hearing we would digest the comments from the community and then talk about them during our regular August meeting. Reports will hopefully be posted on the Pine Valley web site, as well as in the post office and at the Heritage Center.

Comments, non agenda items None

6:00 Bev motioned to close the meeting, Mike seconded, all were in favor.

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