Attending Members:
Fred Pendleton, Trinilee Christensen, Bob Herpel, Beverly Udell and Ryon Gardner, PVSSD
Ex-officio Member (present): John Willie, Washington County
Absent Members: Mark Wells, Jay Ence, Bruce Bergeson

Pledge of Allegiance was said at 6:08 PM, and the meeting was called to order at 6:09 PM by Fred Pendleton, Chainnan. The meeting followed the previously posted agenda.

1- Approval of the minutes: The Minutes' from the previous committee meeting, held on December 5, 2002, were read by Beverly. Ryon motioned for approval of the minutes, Trililee seconded and all were in favor.

2- Reports: Bob is still working on getting his "Electrical" report typed.

3- Land Use Survey: Fred has finished the 92 lot section that wasn't previously done by anyone else. Data will now be compiled and sent to John Willie in about a week to ten days. According to the preliminaiy report that Fred composed, it shows that we have 812 properties in Pine Valley. There are 400 residences (actually 398, but 2 lots have more than one house on them.) Also there are 300 vacant lots, 20 (or so) larger parcels that could be subdivided. There are 67 agricultural properties as well. 49% of the lots have homes on them, 37 % are vacant lots (not included in these percentages are the agricultural lots.)

4- Community Survey Questionnaire: Fred shared the various stages of "proofing" that already has gone on in regards to the questionnaire. Discussion by this committee covered question #9 (with the topic of ATV use in the valley) and how to word the question without having a leading statement directly about ATV usage. Then discussed further were questions #11, #2, #6 in that order. After agreement was reached concerning proper wordage of these questions, Tnnilee made the motion to accept the survey as revised, Bob seconded the motioned and all were in favor.

5- February Meeting Preparation:
a: Review Committee Plan Elements 4 through 9: Fred brought forward a list of elements that we need to discuss in future meetings. #4 on the list (which deals with environmental constraints) has already been addressed by John, so we can hold off on that for now. Regarding #5 on the list of plan elements (which is historical preservation and restoration); Fred already has a list of about 25 existing historical homes/buildings. He also has identified other historical sites as well, including where there used to be saw mills, saloons, etc. For #6 on the list (CirculationlStreets) we will need to address fire safety issues with regards to easements, etc. There was also some discussion about Pine Valley Rd. For #7, John asked the committee to see which homes are not habitable or are in need of repair. He also commented that we don't really have what would be considered "low or moderate income" homes because of the cost of land in Pine Valley, plus most of the homes here are the owners 2nd home, so therefore can't be considered as "low income". #9 on the list should address population.

Fred showed area maps that he pulled off of the Internet - taken in 1999 - that will help him with areas that he could get to because of access restrictions due to gates.

6- Comments/Non Agenda Items: None

At 7:15 PM, Bob made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Trinilee seconded the motion, and all were in favor.

The next meeting with be held on February 6 at 6:00 PM.

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