A regular monthly meeting of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Trustees was called to order at 5:35 p.m. by Chairman Ron Snow.

Board of Trustees present: Ron Snow, Chairman; Vicki Frei, Vice Chairman; Victor Christensen, and Lee Carlile. Ryon Gardener was excused. Dall Winn, Pine Valley Fire Chief; and Julie M. Cropper, Board Secretary/Treasurer were also present.

Members of the public present were Gae Robinson - EMT; Bruce Bergeson, Steve Robinson, Mary Cottrell, Grant Cottrell, Kirk Cottrell, Bob Herpel, Layne Frei, George Cropper and Fred Pendelton.

Chairman Snow welcomed those present and conducted the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Minutes of the May 7, 2002 meeting were read and approved on a motion made by Vicki Frei and a second by Lee Carlile.

Fire Chief Dall Winn had the following information and budget approval requests for the Pine Valley Fire Department:

- he is waiting to prepare a budget request until we hear about the grant proposal. If we don't get some grant money, we will need to get some radios, turnout gear and other immediate safety related equipment. He has a source for used radios. A set of turnout gear will be about $1100.00. All together, it could total $8,000.00 to $10,000.00. Dall suggested this discussion be tabled until further information can be presented.

- will have regular fire training this coming Saturday, June 8, 2002 with some breathing apparatus training later on.

- He has some concerns about how we will respond to fires on Dixie National Forest Service land that may threaten structures or private land. A Dixie National Forest Service representative will meet with the fire department to discuss this at the training.

-There was some discussion on the pagers and how they are functioning. Vicki suggest contacting "Two-Way Inc" as another possible source of used two way radios.

- The Pine V alley Fire Department responded to a forest fire near the camp ground. They were able to contain it before the Forest Service arrived.

Ron asked if the public attending had anything to bring up. No items were brought up for discussion at this time.

Gae Robinson reported that she had finished the basic EMT training and has her own "kit". She suggested that we should get some oxygen tanks and maybe an APD (external defibrillator). The next level EMT classes will not be taught until next year. She will need some preventive medical shots. Vicki Frei moved and Victor Christensen seconded the motion to pay $132.00 for them. The motion passed.

Bruce Bergeson said the Community Committee will normally meet on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm. Their last meeting was largely on the Forest Service expansion issue and their coming meeting will be about the proposed events ordinance. Ryon Gardener was appointed to represent the Board of Trustees at these meetings and if he can't go, he is to contact another board member to be present in his place.

The ongoing issue of OHV enforcement was discussed. The Sheriff's Deputy does not seem to be doing much if any enforcement. Cottrells expressed their concerns about OHV noise on Lloyd Canyon Drive. The County OHV ordinances were discussed and it was decided that these would have to be changed if individuals were to legally restrict OHVs on roads.

Fire dangers and open burning was discussed. There have been reports of people still building bonfires.

Bob Herpel requested the Board's consideration of a zoning change on .68 acres of property west of the Forest Service corral and across from the former Country Store. The change would be from OS-20 to C-2 which is a restricted commercial zone. He will relocate his real estate office there which will be permanently on a foundation. If this use discontinues, the property could not be used for other commercial uses without further zoning approval. The matter was discussed. The site will have its own water, power and septic facilities and the building will be on a permanent foundation. It will be an assessable building for fire protection fees. Ron mentioned other commercial zoning request changes and said the County wanted to keep commercial uses in the east end of town.

After discussion, the Trustees signed off on the proposal.

Steve Robinson reported on the Special Events Ordinance being considered by the County Planning and Zoning Commission. It is being reviewed by the Community Committee this Thursday and could be taken before the Commission as early as next Tuesday.

The Truman subdivision proposal was discussed. The subdivider will install two new fire hydrants. The water line capacity and septic tank spacing was discussed. A general septic system capacity for the valley was discussed.

It was mentioned that the capacity will be from 200 to 212 more homes in the valley as a maximum. Septic permits will be issued on a first come basis and some property owners are getting their permits in advance of any building plans to avoid a moratorium later.

The annual special public meeting of the Trustees is to be held July 2, 2002. A plaque will be prepared listing past trustees and their dates of service to be recognized at the meeting. Invitations will be sent to those guests. The meeting will follow the regular agenda with some special things added such as a Fire Department report, a report on water from the Irrigation Company and perhaps someone from the Forest Service.

It was decided to try to hold the meeting at the Dixie National Forest Service Visitors' Center lawn, on East Main Street, Pine Valley.

It was decided that the Secretary should keep building plan review information in the Pine Valley Special Service District files. The information from those that may be hand carried is to be given to the Secretary as well.

Fred Pendelton joined the meeting and reported that the Pine Valley Advisory Committee had been formally approved and charter by the Washington County Commission at their meeting this afternoon and copies of the ordinance creating the committee will be available.

There being no more business, Lee moved and Vicki seconded a motion to adjourn. The motion was approved and the meeting was adjourned.

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