A regular monthly meeting of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Trustees was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Chairman, Ron Snow.

Board of Trustees present: Ron Snow, Chairman, Ryon Gardner, Victor Christensen, Vicki Frei, and Lee Carlile. Also present were Julie Cropper, Secretary/Treasurer; Dall Winn, Fire Chief; and Steve Robinson representing the Washington County Planning and Zoning Commission. Members ofthe public attending were Carolyn Carlile, Bruce Bergeson, Beverly Udell, Layne Frei, and George Cropper.

Chairman, Ron Snow welcomed those present and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Minutes of the meeting held on March 5, 2002 were read and approved on a motion by Lee Carlile with a second by Vicki Frei.

Plans for a home for Mr. Fife were discussed. Ron mentioned that this plan included a basement which had been generally discouraged in much of the valley due to high water tables, but the Ranchos location for this building (in the south and west end of the Valley) should not be a problem.

A proposal by Dall Winn and Spencer Beckstrom to pave the 100 South block of Grass Valley road was mentioned. This would be at private expense and the board had no objection to this paving.

A spring training seminar to be held on Apr. 3 in Parowan was brought to the attention of the Board of Trustees. Any Trustee is welcome to go, however we expect to have Jan Furner come later on to meet with the board and help with any questions.

Bruce Bergeson, Chairman of the Pine Valley Community Committee, was introduced and the committee functions discussed. It was decided that one of the Trustees should attend the Community Committee meetings. Victor Christensen volunteered to attend as PVSSD representative.

Recognition for former board members was discussed, and it was agreed that Julie could spend up to $125 each for gifts to recognize their service at the July meeting. It was also suggested that we could have some refreshments at this meeting. These actions were approved on a motion by Vicki which was seconded by Ryon.

Contacts and communications with Washington County Commission was discussed and Ron said that he will generally handle these contacts.

A concern was raised about six acre feet of water owned by the Forest Service and whether or not this would be enough to serve their expanded campgrounds without using more than their allotment and infringing on long term water available to the Pine Valley Irrigation Company that serves most of the valley. The Forest Service could use the new Pine Valley Irrigation Company tank and avoid the expense of having a separate trained "System Operator". The board took no formal action on this matter but expressed concern for long term water to the Pine Valley Irrigation Company.

It was also mentioned that the Forest Service is working on a possible sewage lagoon and it may be worthwhile to get a lagoon large enough to meet future needs for the town since a sewage system will likely be needed in the future. This issue will be discussed further by the Pine Valley Community Committee at the next meeting.

A recent accident and overall traffic safety issues were mentioned and some specific needs for guard rails brought up. We need to put more pressure on the County for road improvements.

Julie mentioned the Service District Charter which coverss not only fire protection, but also sewer and water systems. Vicki moved and Lee seconded a motion to provide a copy of this charter to each Trustee.

Julie passed out copies of the 2002 District budget, savings account balance and an itemized detail of bank deposits and expenditures for the first quarter of the year.

Fire Chief, Dall Winn discussed the following items:

- a grant application had been completed with Beverly Udell's computer help. The application includes 2 mobile radios, 10 hand held radios and 10 complete sets of turn out gear for a total of $18,350. The District has provided matching funds to the grant. The radios are especially important if we get called out to work with other departments, so that we can communicate with them.

- spring fire training will be over the weekends of Apr. 26 and 27, and May 3 and 4. Dall requested up to $200 to provide lunches for two of those days. Vicki moved and Lee seconded a motion to approve these expenses. This motion carried.

- we have had two training meetings with the new truck and now know how to run it and it is ready to go.

- anticipating some real fire problems this year; outdoor burning permits are necessary for open fires, but due to dry conditions, none are being issued right now. Victor moved and Vicki seconded a motion that we get some warning signs about burning permits and open burning and place them on the access road into the valley. The motion carried and Dall will get those signs.

- we have applied for the federal funds grant and in this process must certify that we are a drug-free department and that we are in compliance with a lot of other federal laws.

Bruce Bergeson gave the following report on the Community Committee activities:

The committee has held their first meetings and are organized, but had questions about their role. They met with Commissioners Eardley and Gardner and attorney Broc Belnap. The County wants to have a legally-established committee after giving public notice. The committee will meet again on April 11, but will be somewhat in limbo until the formal establishment is complete. They will be able to provide recommendations and input to the County's General Plan.

Overall size of the committee was discussed and it was felt that seven members are plenty, but if there is a lot of interest, an alternate list can be kept, and anyone can attend the meetings and participate.

Ron said it is OK for the committee to work directly with the County, but asked that they keep the Service District informed, especially if any changes are proposed.

The Community Committee will meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month and should have some time on the Service District Agenda each month.

Trinilee Christensen will head up the Pine Valley Princess project and is actively getting the requirements and contacting other towns to find out what they do. The main princess activity is at the County Fair and costs are usually borne personally or by getting sponsors, but are usually not an obligation of the community.

Steve Robinson reported that there was nothing specifically affecting this area at the last Planning and Zoning meeting. The Special Events Ordinance is still in preparation, but they hope to have it in effect by the end of May.

Steve also reported that EMT Gae Robinson is in schooling until the end of April and could report at the next meeting.

Vicki asked about the large animal ordinance. It is still in preparation and will be announced in the newspaper two weeks in advance of discussion by the Planning Commission.

There being no input from the public, or any other business, Vicki moved and Lee seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.

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