Minutes of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Trustees held on September 4, 2001 at the Pine Valley Fire Station Conference Room.

Board of Trustees present were Ted Snow, Chairman, Lee Carlile and Judd Burgess. Dall Winn, Fire Chief and Julie Cropper, Secretary/Treasurer were also present. Vicki Frei was excused.

Public attending: Joslyn Fitzgerald, Cindy Fitzgerald, Bob Herpel, Erle Snow, Gae Robinson, Steve Robinson, Jay Ence, Stephen Wade, Kirk Cottrell, Grant Cottrell, Floyd Lawerence and George Cropper.

Ted Snow opened the meeting and introduced Jay Ence and Steven Wade, who led a discussion on the future of Pine Valley and suggested that the people of the valley need to get together and set a standard of how future building will be conducted so that only appropriate types of buildings and activities could occur. They wanted to know how the Board of Trustees felt about this and said that if a reasonable plan could be prepared and presented to the County, that the County would support the plan in their actions on building permits, zoning and regulating various activities. Stephen said that the County is waiting on Pine Valley to do something.

Concerns raised included enforcing more stringent regulations, the possibility of lawsuits. It was mentioned that CCR's are effective for subdivisions, but that presently that are not any regulations for other cases.

Stephen and jay suggested getting 3 or 4 people together along with the support of a county Commissioner to contact property owners, get their opinions and work on a proposal. They offered their help to get something going. These issues were discussed at some length. No Board of Trustees action was taken at this time.

Lee raised an issue of the number of electric power outages that occurred this summer. Erle Snow, who is on the Dixie Escalante Board explained the situation of the existing service coming through an older Utah Power and Light Company line. He said Dixie Escalante is waiting for approval from the US Forest Service for a permit to upgrade another line. This approval should happen by September 15, 2001 and the upgrade completed this fall. This should solve 90% of the outage problems.

Ted introduced Joslyn Fitzgerald, the 2001 Pine Valley Princess. Joslyn reviewed her activities to date. She also stressed that she had received favorable feedback and that Pine Valley had been represented well at the Washington County Fair and other activities. Joslyn was given an applause of thinks for her effort on behalf of the valley.

The issue of pending fire hydrant construction was raised. Erle Snow said that the Pine Valley Irrigation Water Company had decided to wait on the hydrants until the new water tank is completed and operating.

The need for future sewer facilities was discussed and the Forest Service had indicated an interest in a cooperative treatment facility in connection with their proposed campground modifications.

Gae Robinson spoke of a great interest and willingness to train to be a second EMT for Pine Valley. Costs and funding sources were discussed. It was also a concern whether this was ligitimate expense for the PVSSD. Ted will check with the County Attorney on this. It was discussed that both the Dinner Committee and the PVSSD had shared expenses for the first EMT (Ginger Mathis) certification. Ted made a motion whis was second by Judd that if legal, the PVSSD pay expenses for the second EMT certification. This motion was approved.

Fire Chief Dal Winn reported that fire training will be held on September 11, 2001 at 6:00 p.m. He said he will nee $220 for the annual truck testing. Lee moved and Judd seconded the motion to approve this expense. Motion carried.

Steve Robinson reported on Washington County Planning & Zoning activities. He provided copies of a Weber County special event ordinance that Washington County is reviewing and thinking of adopting a similar guidelines. The Board of Trustees or individuals are invited to review and comment on this proposal. He said the next meeting will be on September 11, 2001 at 1:30 p.m. It will include the Veyo volcano mining proposal which has lots of public interest.

Ted introduced a discussion on the ongoing OHV issue. He said he had seen excessive violation by his house this past weekend. He said St. George and Ivins had OHV ordinances that included language that did not allow use within 600 feet of a dwelling. He suggested having the County establish an ordinance similar to these for Pine Valley (farm vehicles excepted). This proposal was discussed. It was mentioned that there would be opposition to this and enforcement would be a continual problem. Ted said he would present a proposed OHV ordinance to the Washington County Planning & Zoning.

Steve mentioned that we need to have notices of the PVSSD meeting put in the newspaper, which could be done on an annual basis if the schedule is regular. The Secretary will follow up and get this done.

Julie questioned the relocation of section of the Pine Valley Road. It was explained that the lot had been sold and the new owner had moved the road so that it would be on the Washington County right-of-way instead of across his property. This road is not to Washington County specifications and thus no requirements for base or grading.

Ted discussed use of the Dixie College building for the community pot luck dinners. He read the present rules which limit use to groups affiliated with the Dixie College, although some family reunions had been recently held there. He said these were Washington County Planning & Zoning rules. He would discuss a possible exception with the Planning & Zoning Commission.

PUBLIC COMMENTS: Grant and Kirt Cottrell said that had come to express concern about the OHV problems. They said it was a nightmare on the west side of the valley over the Labor Day weekend. They are glad the PVSSD is working on it.

Floyd Lawrence said that he had spoken to the US Forest Service about their campground improvement proposals. He said the Special Use Permits for the summer homes, expires in 2008 and the US Forest Service had to give 10 years notice if they do not intend to renew those permits.

Bob Herpel mentioned that any OHV ordinance proposal that would be presented to the County needs to be worked reasonably so that they can accept it. He said the Washington County Planning & Zoning soliicts and welcomes input on planning issues.

There being no further business, Lee Carlile moved and Judd Burgess second the motion to adjourn. The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

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