Minutes of the meeting of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Directors held on February 6, 2001, at 5:30 PM at the Pine Valley Fire Station, Pine Valley, Utah.

Board members present: Chairman Ted Snow, Vicki Frei, Ron Snow and Judd Burgess.

Also present were Julie Cropper, Board Secretary/Treasurer and George Cropper.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 5:40 pm. The minutes of the meeting held on December 5, 2000 were read and approved.

Julie presented a summary financial report for the year 2000. Income (excepting bank interest) was $41,842.01, and total expense were $34,182.18.

It was mentioned that the Washington County tax records are available on computer disk and are formatted for Lotus software.

Ted read several letters he had received. These were discussed as follows:

  • A letter from Utah Association of Special Service Districts inviting our participation and financial support. The association provides training and other support services. Dues are $50.00 per year. It was decided that we would not participate since there are few expected benefits to our small organization.

  • A letter from the Utah State Auditor's Office approving our 2001 budget submission.

  • A letter from Utah Local Governments Trust advising us of a large grant program available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that would provide funding for fire departments to buy equipment, institute prevention programs and other fire related activities. This will be referred to Dall Winn, the Fire Chief, for follow-up action. This letter also mentioned that they are compiling an email list of insured agencies. Ted will provide his and Vicki's addresses to get on the listing.

    The ongoing issue of ATV safety was discussed at length. Questions raised included clarifying the legal age of operators, and what a 14-day out-of-state exemption for licensing means. It was decided to continue to work with the County Sheriff and Commissioners including Allen Gardner to try to improve ATV enforcement and safety before there is a serious accident.

    The 2001 letter to property owners was discussed and changes from the previous letter decided as follows:

  • -starting the letter with ATV, fire, and emergency procedures to add emphasis to their importance, with discussion of the yearly fee coming later in the letter.

  • -deleting the reference to Dall Winn doing security patrol, since this is no longer part of his function.

  • -including Dall's revised input provided on Fire Department procedures.

  • -obsolete or outdated information will be deleted.

  • -add EMT Ginger Mathis' phone number.

  • -add and emphasize "with bathrooms" to clarify our description of buildings.

  • -specifically mentioning that Lloyd Canyon Drive is paved and closed to ATV use.

  • -Dave Despain will head up the Pine Valley Princess selection again.

    The Secretary will prepare a draft letter and make it available to the Chairman and board members for their review prior to the next meeting.

    The vehicle fire that occurred last month was mentioned and discussed.

    Controlling the proliferation of advertising signs around town was discussed. It was decided that the board does not have responsibility to police signs, and this situation may be controlled by County ordinance.

    Vicki will try to update meeting minutes on the website.

    Ron suggested that we work with the County road crews to get them to leave 2 or 3 inches of snow on the roads when they are plowing so that it doesn't turn to mud so quickly.

    Management of the district's bank accounts was discussed. The Secretary mentioned that we have excess money in checking that is not earning interest, and money in savings that could perhaps earn better interest. The Chairman and board members agreed we need to revise our accounts to improve their earnings. The Chairman and Secretary will follow up on this action.

    Motion to adjourn was made and seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 6:35 pm.

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