Minutes of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Trustees held at the Pine Valley Fire Station on Tuesday December 4, 2001. Board members present were Chairman Ted Snow, Ron Snow, Lee Carlile, and Vicki Frei. Judd Burgess was excused. In addition the meeting included Board Secretary Julie Cropper, Pine Valley Fire Chief Dall Winn, and Washington County Planning and Zoning Commission member Steve Robinson.

Members of the public present were Guin Winn, Gaye Robinson, Carolyn Carlile, Layne Frei, Debbie McAllum, Sandy Ballard, Tim Ballard, Bob Herpel, Joslyn Fitzgerald (Pine Valley Princess 2001), and George Cropper.

Chairman Ted Snow welcomed those present and opened the meeting at 5:30 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. The minutes of the November 6, 2001 meeting were read. Ron Snow moved and Lee Carlile seconded the motion to approve the minutes. The motion carried by voice vote and the minutes were approved.

Chairman Ted Snow opened discussion on the proposed PVSSD budget for year 2002. Copies of a proposed budget were available. Ted invited any discussion and comments from the public on the budget proposal. There were no comments presented. Lee Carlile moved to accept the budget as proposed. The motion was seconded by Ron Snow, and carried by voice vote.

Ted Snow reported that the proposal to use the Dixie College building for community potluck dinners once a month had worked through the Planning and Zoning Commission, but the proposal has been rejected by the Washington County Commission.

Fire Chief Dall Winn stated that the PVSSD can most likely purchase the previously-discussed American LaFrance Fire Engine from Kaysville UT for $7500.00. If we want to buy it, we need to send a letter of intent soon for them to consider at their next meeting. Dall said the purchase and price had been tentatively approved by the Kaysville Fire Chief, but needed Kaysville City Council approval. He stated there would be some expenses such as registration and fuel to get it down here, and the pump test for this year had not been done. The board is in favor of getting this engine. Ron Snow made a motion the go ahead with the purchase and pay the necessary expenses to get the fire truck here and operating. Vicki Frei seconded the motion, which carried by voice vote.

Dall Winn also reported the following items:

  • the snowmobile has been taken in for repairs
  • the Pine Valley Dinner Committee will pay for the life and accident insurance offered for firefighters
  • Fire Department membership cards and certificates of training have been prepared and passed out to Fire Department members
  • monthly training will be held this coming Saturday; Dall requested $50 to $75 to provide refreshments. Ron moved and Vicki seconded the motion to purchase these refreshments. The motion carried by voice vote.

    Refinancing of the Fire-Station building loan was discussed. It was reported that the present loan is a floating interest rate, presently at about 3.75%. This is a rate set at 75% of prime rate which is a special rate for funding ventures such as public buildings. Zions Bank has said the loan could be refinanced at a fixed rate, but legal, title, and other fee costs could be several thousand dollars, though not more than $5000.00. Board members discussed this information and felt that the fee costs seemed to be quite high. The discussion was tabled until the next meeting and the secretary was asked to inquire of other banks to see what they might be able to offer.

    The telephone bills were discussed and it was questioned whether we need a long-distance carrier on the fire-station phone. It was determined that we do not need long-distance service. Ron snow moved to discontinue AT&T as long-distance provider. Vicki Frei seconded the motion, and it carried by voice vote.

    Steve Robinson had nothing to report from Washington County Planning and Zoning. He said Gaye Robinson's EMT training expenses thus far were $687.00 for tuition and $90.00 for books.

    Ted Snow reported that Ryan Gardner and Victor Christensen had been appointed to fill the two Board vacancies beginning in 2002.

    Ted said that inasmuch as this is his last meeting, he wanted to express some of his feelings about the valley and growth. He said he has seen the valley go from about 30 to over 400 homes at the present time. People with unimproved property cannot make enough money through grazing to pay the taxes. He said he hopes the Board will not take a negative attitude toward growth but try instead to direct it in a positive way.

    Vicki Frei stated that her position is against further commercial development.

    Bob Herpel said that growth will be inevitable.

    Lee Carlile stated that growth should be controlled in a way to make it pleasing to a majority of the people in the area.

    There being no further business, Lee moved and Vicki seconded a motion to adjourn. The motion was approved and the meeting was adjourned at 6:25 pm.

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