Minutes of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Directors held at the Pine Valley Fire Station on Tuesday August 7, 2001. Board members present were Chairman Ted Snow, Ron Snow, Lee Carlile, and Vicki Frei. In addition the meeting included Fire Chief Dall Winn, Board Secretary Julie Cropper, Forest Service Representative Bill Hipp, and Washington County Planning and Zoning Commission member Steve Robinson.

Members of the public present were Carolyn Carlile, Layne Frei, Debbie McAllum, Scott Nielsen, George Cropper, Laura Bergeson, Floyd Lawrence, Tony and Renae Romney, Mike Fluharty, and Bob Herpel.

Chairman Ted Snow welcomed those present and opened the meeting at 5:30 pm. The minutes of the July 3, 2001 meeting were read and approved. Ted Snow expressed sincere thanks to Dall Winn for the work he has done on behalf of the fire department. He also mentioned the work of Ginger Mathis, EMT and that he believes our investment in training is paying off in a big way. It was mentioned that we should still pursue getting a second EMT trained person in the valley if we can.

Ted requested that Vicki Frei conduct the meeting from this point.

Fire Chief Dall Winn reported the following:

  • the Pine Valley Dinner Committee had funded the Pine Valley Princess in the amount of $200 and will do this each year if a Pine Valley property owner has a daughter or granddaughter that meets the Washington County Fair requirements as to age to participate. The Diner Committee is also buying vinyl siding for the Post Office building.
  • Wildland fire-fighting coveralls, helmets, and goggles have been purchased and paid for.
  • the fire training to be held August 14, 2001 will be CPR training for fire-fighters, and if there is sufficient interest another class can be given for the public.
  • the annual town barbecue dinner will be held August 18, 2001 at 6:00 pm. The Dinner Committee has an ambitious goal to raise $50,000.00 over the next 5 years to help replace the aging Mack fire truck.
  • the safe capacity of the fire station meeting room/conference hall is 85 persons sitting in chairs, and 40 persons sitting at tables (such as would be the case during the potluck dinners).

    A discussion of the possible locations for potluck dinners followed. Ted said he would again contact the college about their building here in the valley.

    Old business:

  • The fire hydrant project was discussed. Ted said he had contacted Mrs. Wallis twice, but the hydrants have apparently been put on hold by the water company until the new water tank is done. It was decided to invite Erle Snow to attend the next meeting to discuss the hydrant status; and to discuss getting competitive bids for this sort of work in the future.

  • Vicki Frei called on Steve Robinson to report on the status of revising the County Planning Regulations. Steve said the matter was scheduled for further action at the Commission's second meeting in August which will be held on the 28th.

  • Vicki introduced Pine Valley Lodge owner Scott Nielsen who was present to discuss his proposed projects, the store building, his home residence, and a fence. These issues had been discussed by the Board in previous meetings.

  • Mr. Nielsen introduced his builder, Mike Fluharty, and expressed concern about the confusion and delays in getting these projects going. He said he was told to get approvals from Ted Snow and wasn't told that he needed to discuss them with this Board. Ted said that he personally had experienced project delays while waiting for the "next meeting" and had been helping people by getting hand-carried approvals between meetings. Mr. Nielsen said he does not understand what this Board wants, and how it interacts with county requirements. He asked if the Special Service District Board had any published guidelines like the county has, and said he would meet them if he only knew what they were. It was explained that Pine Valley falls under county building codes. These general communication issues were discussed at some length. It was pointed out by referral to earlier months' Board Meeting minutes that Matt Low (the manager of Mr. Nielsen's Pine Valley Lodge) and Scott Nielsen had been notified shortly after the May 2001 meeting that someone should come to a meeting and discuss the overall improvement plans so the Board could understand all that was being proposed and get answers to their questions. Additional contacts in June 2001 and July 2001 were made also to encourage Mr. Nielsen to come to the next PVSSD meeting. None were attended by Mr. Nielsen or his representatives until today.

  • In response to a question, Mr. Nielsen said that he expect to positively add to the Pine Valley environment by making improvements in buildings and landscaping, cleaning up the lodge area, providing a place where residents and visitors can come for essential supplies and groceries, provide a restaurant and the best steak house in Washington County. To do this he needs to increase the volume of business and the events such as art shows and music concerts are a way to do this.

  • The specific projects were discussed in detail as follows:

    New business:

    Vicki Frei introduced Bill Hipp from the US Forest Service. Bill discussed their proposal for modifications in the campgrounds/recreation area in the east end of the valley. This includes redoing the water system, moving camp areas away from streams, dredging the reservoir, and redeveloping the campgrounds to make them "more usable". They propose to add more day use areas to accommodate large groups of people.

    It was asked if the US Forest Service is obligated to try to accommodate groups as large as 400-500 people. Mr. Hipp explained that they want to meet the public needs as best they can and structure a mixture of camping and day use to meet future needs.

    There was discussion of the overall growth in Pine Valley and the potential for limited water and buildable land. The Board and public were concerned about the cumulative impacts of all types of growth. Ted said that growth of all kinds is coming and we need to recognize that and prepare for it.

    Mr. Hipp said that the US Forest Service would "do it right" with respect to protecting the environment during this project. He solicited comments in writing in addition to any oral comments and said they would be accepted until the draft is finalized and available for public review.

    Board Member reports:

    Lee Carlile said that he wanted to follow up on issues that were started last meeting such as the large animal ordinance and signage. He said other areas have ways to handle these things and perhaps we should find out what people's desires are with respect to what fits into our community, and include those desires in plans from the beginning. This would have to be done at the county level, but the county should be made aware of what Pine Valley residents and property owners feel is appropriate. It was agreed to follow up on this and perhaps invite a County Commissioner to one of the meetings to discuss it further.

    Board members Vicki Frei, Ted Snow, and Ron Snow had no reports to make. Lee Carlile moved to adjourn, Ron Snow seconded the motion, the motion carried by voice vote, and the meeting was formally adjourned at 7:45 pm.

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