Minutes of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Directors meeting held on June 6, 2000 at 4:00 p.m. in the Pine Valley Fire Station, Pine Valley, Utah.

Board members present: Chairman Ted Snow, David Despain, and Vicki Frei. Members absent: Ron Snow and Judd Burgess.

Also present: Julie Cropper, Secretary; Dall Winn, Pine Valley Fire Chief; visitors Sid Atkin, Grant and Mary Cottrell, Layne Frei, and George Cropper.

Meeting was called to order at 5:10 pm. Minutes of the May 2, 2000 meeting were read and after some discussion on Post Office building costs, were approved.


- Larry Moss has been requested to review the Pine Valley Fire Station rain gutters. It was suggested that more nails could be used for better attachment to the roof, as well as having the gutters lowered to catch water but avoid snow when it slides off.

- Alma Truman needs more help for the Pine Valley Visitors' Center for Friday afternoons and Saturdays.

- Dave Despain reported no success in getting a Pine Valley Princess.

Ted Snow mentioned fees collected years ago to assure clean up at construction sites. It accumulated to about $8000.00. The identity of where it came from has been lost. Attorney John Palmer advised that it be used on something to benefit the whole community. Two fire hydrants are needed to preserve insurance ratings and bring all homes in the valley within the 1,000 foot requirement. Ted Snow suggested discussing this with the public at the July 4th meeting and letting property owners know what is proposed.

- Gwen Iverson's gift will be ready for the July 4th meeting.

- Ginger Mathis' EMT training bill has been paid. Ted Snow also mentioned that the Board should look forward to getting a second EMT in the valley in the future.

- The Post Office building is ready for excavation and pouring concrete footings and stem walls. Ence Construction (Jay Ence) has volunteered to do the work early next week. Sid Atkin asked the Board to look at the site and be sure the staked location is okay. We also need to dig a trench for electrical conduit line when footings are excavated.

- Vicki Frei mentioned we need to be sure to give thank yous to people who have donated to the Post Office. Ted Snow will get a building permit from Washington County tomorrow, June 7, 2000.

- We did get a 1999 out-of-jurisdiction reimbursement check from the county. This money, which is about $400.00, would normally go to the firefighters individually, but they have agreed to apply it to the Pine Valley Post Office building.


Chairman Ted Snow discussed the PVSSD Board meeting to be held July 4, 2000 at the Pine Valley Fire Station. Announcement posters will be placed in public locations in Pine Valley. Washington County Sheriff and US Forest Service personnel have been invited to attend. An agenda will be prepared and will include gift presentation to Gwen Iverson, past PVSSD Secretary. Also thank yous to the Forest Service and Sheriff's Department.
- Fire Chief presentation.
- Introduction of Ginger Mathis, EMT.
- Discussion on construction-site clean up money.
Ted Snow asked for other suggested agenda items and ideas between now and the meeting.

Vicki Frei mentioned the Pine Valley website (www.pinevalleyutah.com) will include a Forest Service Campground map with clickable info links, and a flashing note about the present closure on any open fire burning. It was suggested that the website address be put on an entrance sign to the valley.

Dall Winn, Pine Valley Fire Chief, reported on the fire in the campground area. It was an out-of-jurisdiction fire. The Pine Valley Fire Department did a good job of responding and controlling the fire before the BLM/Forest Service arrived and were thanked for their efforts. Dall will probably host the Washington County Fire Chiefs bi-monthly meeting here in Pine Valley in August, 2000. Refreshments to be provided. He mentioned he still need to get Africanized Bee supplies and needs two chains for the fire trucks. Layne Frei offered to loan a chain. The offer was gladly accepted. The Ford truck is getting hard to start and needs a tune-up. The Board approved these expenses.

Dall Winn asked about Worker's Compensation Insurance. The application has been sent. Ted Snow said he had received a call from Worker's Compensation with questions and referred them to the PVSSD Secretary.

Discussion was held on assessment for outbuildings or apartments with restrooms. Chairman Ted Snow said Attorney John Palmer told him it was a good idea to make an assessment to reduce Pine Valley District's liability. Several possible examples were discussed. The board felt a set fee per each succeeding restroom building was preferrable to value for assessment. Formal Board action will be required, with property owners notified.

Visitors were given an opportunity to comment. There were no comments.

The Secretary reported that bills were current.

Dave Despain moved to adjourn and Vicki Frei seconded the motion. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm.

Julie M. Cropper, Secretary

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