Attending Members: Fred Pendleton, Jay Ence, Bruce Bergeson, Trinilee Christensen, Bob Herpel,Ryon Gardner, PVSSD
Absent Member: Mark Wells
Ex-offlcio Member: John Willie, Washington County
Interested Parties: Dall Winn (Pine Valley Fire Dept); Steve Robinson (WCPC); Beverly Udell, (Pine Valley Resident); Erie Snow (Pine Valley Water)
Pledge of Allegiance was said at 6:05 PM, and the meeting was called to order at 6:06 PM by Fred Pendleton, chainnan. The meeting followed the previously posted agenda.

1- Beverly Udell was appointed temporary secretary to record minutes for tonight's meeting.

2- The "Minutes" from the committee meeting on July 10k were approved. The regularly scheduled meeting for August 8th was canceled due to lack of a quorum.

3- Public Awareness Issues: Fred is concerned about how to get the public aware that this committee exists and the work that it is trying to achieve. Trinilee suggested that letters be sent out to all the home owners, but the question then arose as to where the funding would come for such a mailing of over 600 letters. The subject will be picked up again at the October 3rd meeting.

Jay added that someone had told him "Oh, you can do anything that you want in Pine Valley". This was upsetting to the board. Comments were made by the group as a whole that a balance needs to be met between home owners and the recreationers.

4- Public Input Surveys: Surveys of "What do you want Pine Valley to become?" were created previous to this meeting. Erle offered a list of names and addresses to do any mailings with. Any mailings sent out would need return addressed' and stamped envelopes to help the return rate.

John explained the purpose of what the physical land surveys are for, which these committee members will be doing on foot. Fred mentioned that the maps being used are not accurate, therefore he emphasized that a visual walk-through was definitely needed. It was asked if the county could help pay for the mailing expenses, to which John gave an answer of We can help with service and time, but not with anything monetary. Other ideas were mentioned - fundraisers (Jay); surveys left in the post office with pencils and a box for folks to put their finished forms in (Bruce); mailing the surveys out with the water bills (Bob). John will look into other options as well. This will be temporarily shelved until the October 3rd meeting.

5- Community Facilities Reports:
A: Water - Ryon Gardner. A new tank has been designed for total build-out of over 1000 homes. 400 acre feet are in the culinary tank and 1,800 ft can be transferred in if needed. This could support a town which could be three times the size of current Pine Valley. Erle explained that if they can get permission to build another well, they would be okay even in times of drought. They have the funding already and it could be drilled and in place within 60 days of an "okay" .

John asked about the size of the water lines and said that in case of a fire the 4" lines could be quickly pumped dry. County coding says that you need to be able to pump 1000 gallons a minute on a fire.
Dall shared that our fire trucks can pump 1250 gallons per minute. If the Pine Valley spring is moving, they have the capability of pumping 500 gallons a minute, plus if they get the well, they can add another 400 gallons a minute. Fred asked Ryon to add this to his report.

Currently a "chlorinator" is hooked up and ready, but not in force. Water samples are sent in each month for testing.

B: Electrical - Bob Herpel. Howard Dalton says that power is increased 2 1/2 mega watts to 13.7 mega watts through the power line in Pinto. Substation power lines are by the garbage dump. This will give an increase of 64% over what we now have. Brown-outs will be a thing of the past by 2003. Erle gave a short presentation. Pine Valley now has "3 phase" power, which means that if one section goes out, the other two should remain working. Cheaper power should continue because of co-op ownership.

C: Fire Protection - Dall Winn. Copies of Dali's report were passed around to all. (See Exhibit A' report). *One change to the report will be that Pine Valley can expand by 400 homes, not the 200 that is currently listed on the report.

D: Law Enforcement - Bruce Bergeson. Current law enforcement is provided through Washington County. There is not a document on record with Washington County stating what our service coverage should be. There are varied coverages and times. They try to be visible during "peak times". The Forest Service has their own law enforcement coverage, but again there isn't a written agreement. Sheriff Smith (Washington County) said he would welcome any suggestions. Response time is very limited as there is only one sheriff for several towns. Because we are in the county, warnings to offenders are more the norm, rather than issuance of ticket citations. Dali said that he hasn't been impressed with their service, several others concurred with this opinion.

Trinilee brought up the ATV problem being experienced by Pine Valley. Fred responded with the legalities of the state code which says that people may only ride ATVs on dirt roads that have signs saying that off road vehicle riding is allowed. Dall stated that county directives say just the opposite. Bob mentioned that the sheriff told him the county rules are that ATVs are okay off road, as long as the rider is licensed, has a helmet, etc. Everyone in attendance shared in agreement that ATVs are becoming a serious problem in Pine Valley, but what to do about the problem is still under consideration. Trinilee said that they had property destroyed by ATV riders over the Labor Day weekend. Speed bumps, speed limit signs, etc. are no help. Residents are being very disturbed and the sheriff has been called many, many times. There are also fears of someone getting hurt. Ryon then shared the views of the P.V.S.S.D., which were discussed at length during their meeting on Sept. 3. The P.V.S.S.D. hopes to place signs saying that "No ATVs are permitted in Pine Valley except under special Pine Valley use permits". It has been questioned whether or not this was legaL Someone else asked if we could legally deputize someone in town to help locally with this problem and the answer was "no". Dall complained that the matter is brought up every single year, but then always dropped. All concurred that the problem is getting worse. It was brought up that many members of the committee would happily shelve their own ATVs in order to see ATVs use in town put to a stop. Bob and Ryon both still want ATVs allowed for pleasure use, but agree that it has become a problem with others using them for such.

A vote was put up that our committee would support and go along with whatever the P.V.S.S.D. decided it wanted to do about the ATV problem. Jay motioned with a "yes" , Bruce seconded the motion. All were in favor except Bob who voted no

E: Garbage Collection - Trinilee Christensen.Trinilee read a detailed report of what she had researched. (See Exhibit B - 3 page report) A proposal was made by Jay for the addition of a 20 yrd. dumpster to the dumpster area, which would aide in the collection of shrubs and tree limbs. Bruce seconded, and all were in favor. The proposal will be sent before the P.V.S.S.D. at their next meeting. Jay left the meeting at 7:55

F/G: Post Office & Cemetery - Fred Pendleton. Due to time constraints with the meetin running late, Fred just gave everyone the directive to read the reports he brought. (See Exhibit C and
D). Erle updated everyone on the current status of the cemetery, in addition to what was on Fred's report. One change to the report will be that the cemetery has a total of 10 acres, of which 2 are currently fenced. The rough projection of the cemetery filling to capacity is "a thousand years" , which was provided by Erle.

6- Time Schedules - reported by Fred. He proposed to work on the residential lots first. How should this be delegated? Decisions were made to dole out sections to each committee member. Erie will print out a copy of "land use" and provide it to the committee. Fred will get in touch with the individual group members to further assign these jobs.

7- Committee Vacancy - Due to the resignation from Gary Draper, a position on the committee needed to be filled. It was recommended that Beverly Udell become a member and also fill the slot of "Secretary" . Bruce moved, Bob seconded the motion, and all were in favor. Beverly accepted the position, with the clarification that since she had the duties between each meeting of typing and distributing the minutes', etc., that she would be left out of tasks that other members may be assigned between meetings. The board agreed.

8- Extra Business - Pine Valley Princess - Trinilee asked for signatures for the "Princess" report. Once signed by all, she will distribute the copies at the next meeting.

Bruce moved a close to the meeting at 8:10 PM, Trinilee seconded, and all were in favor.

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