Pine Valley Historic Advisory Committee (PVHAC)
Minutes of the Meeting Held On October>3,2002

Attending Members:
Fred Pendleton, Bruce Bergeson, Mark Wells, Trinilee Christensen, Beverly
Absent Members: Jay Ence, Bob Herpel, Ryon Gardner (PVSSD)
Ex-offlcio Member: John Willie, Washington County (Not Present)
Interested Parties: Steve Robinson (WCPC)

Pledge of Allegiance was said at 6:12 PM, and the meeting was called to order at 6:14 PM by Fred Pendleton, chairman. The meeting followed the previously posted agenda.

1-. The "Minutes" from the committee meeting on September 5th were approved.

2- Meeting Procedures: Fred reminded everyone that this committee is governed with bylaws and "Utah Meeting" laws. It was discussed how at the last meeting a motion was set into action and then voted on regarding the ATV problems in the valley. It was inappropriate for us to do this because the issue was not placed on the previously posted agenda. (Let it be known that Bob Herpel, who in letting a member know that he was going to be absent tonight, also asked that this very topic be addressed during the meeting.) In the future, we will restrict the voting only to topics on the public agenda which has been posted prior to the meeting.

Another subject brought up was committee members talking out of turn, or having side conversations. According to "Robert's Rules of Order" , members are to raise their hands when they want to speak, which will then allow the member to be called on by the committee chairman. This will keep proper order in the meetings and allow everyone to have a chance to speak and be heard. This is a practice that this committee will now adhere to.

3- Report on the PVSSD Meeting from 10-1-02: Once again, the ATV issue was discussed extensively. Brad Staggell was there to present ideas that might be approached in trying to solve the ATV problem. One thing that he suggested was that if it happened to be a resident of Pine Valley that was causing an ATV problem, that Brad could be called and he would be happy to go to that person's house and educate them on the laws regarding ATV usage. The PVSSD decided to pursue signage, as per discussion at their previous meeting. The Sheriff will attend their next meeting (on 11-5-02) to share other legalities regarding ATVs. Also any future infractions or complaints about ATVs witnessed by a Pine Valley member, should be documented to show the County and/or the Sheriff's Department. Brad mentioned a person that he works with that is used to handling this with other communities. Fred Pendleton suggested that we allow the PVSSD committee to continue to handle the ATV issue in the future, which would then allow our committee to continue with the other tasks that it was assigned and not to be a duplicate/repeat of the PVSSD meetings. Anyone who has an interest in the ATV discussions are welcome to attend any of the PVSSD meetings.

4- Public Awareness: The PVHAC survey is due to go on the Pine Valley web site within a week of this meeting. A copy will also be posted in the Post Office. Also the Service District letter that is sent out in January will make mention of it.

5- Community Survey: When this is posted on the Pine Valley web site, it will be the first thing that people see when the web site pops up. Also included will be the capability for the reader to respond to the survey directly on the web site.
Fred wants the committee members to think of possible solutions on how to fund mailings that we may send out. Fred shared how he read the ordinance the county provided on which this committee was designed. In the section "Services and Supplies" is says that County funds cannot be used to further this committee, even though the County can help with providing supplies.
6- Reports - Community Facilities Review: (a) John Willie was due to give a report on the PV ground water, but he was absent. (b) Final approval of the other reports was due to be given at this meeting, but we are still missing written reports from Bob Herpel and Ryon Gardner, who were also absent. (c) Bruce made the motion to approve the reports regarding Fire Protection, the Post Office, the Cemetery, Las Enforcement, and Garbage Collection. Trinilee seconded that motion. All in favor.
Side note: Discussion was brought up about the use of a 20 yard dumpster to help with garbage overflow at the garbage collection area, as discussed during the previous meeting. The cost of said dumpster is based on the weight. A suggestion was made to ask if the dumpster can be brought up only during the warmer months when people do the most tree trimming, etc. The dumpster topic will be passed to the PVSSD for consideration.
7- Land Use Surveys: Things to make note of in the areas under study - dead end streets, housing; environmental constraints (how much); age of buildings; problems or deficiencies; recreation & open space (such as the Heritage Center); location of development in the Forest Land (campground); study of the population (permanent, part-time/summer, weekenders/occasionals, etc.). It was asked that everyone think of items that they might like to work on.
Fred shared that he has already surveyed the areas of: 400 East to the Forest Service fence and 100 South to 400 West and 400 East. Using maps that the County provided, Fred drove the above areas and wrote findings on the map.
Further area assignments were brought up. Bruce volunteered he and Bob Herpel to do the "Cox" subdivision (which is everything South of the Lodge). Trinilee volunteered for the Spring subdivision. Mark Wells took the area at the lower end of Lloyd Canyon, Sage Dr., Carter Dr. and TerryCircle. Julie Cropper had volunteered to help, so she will be asked to possibly do the other side of the creek (the side that she lives on. Fred gave those present (who had assignments) maps for them to utilize and take notes on.
8- Extra Business: Beverly gave the "FEMA" update. The "Community Watch" idea was brought up and discussed briefly. Bruce motioned a close to the meeting at 7:50 PM, Mark seconded, and all were in favor.

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