Attending Members: Fred Pendleton, Bruce Bergeson, Bob Herpel, Trinilee Christensen, BeverlyUdell, Ryon Gardner (PVSSD)
Absent Members: Jay Ence, Mark Wells
Ex-officio Member: John Willie, Washington County (Not Present)
Interested Parties: None

Pledge of Allegiance was said at 6:06 PM, and the meeting was called to order at 6:08 PM by Fred Pendleton, chairman. The meeting followed the previously posted agenda.

1- The "Minutes" from the committee meeting on October 3rd were approved.

2- Reports - Ryon brought his written report regarding the water system. Fred read it for the benefit of those who were absent during the meeting during which Ryon gave his verbal report. Bruce inquired about who were the owners of the water shares for the Pine Valley Irrigation Co., so Ryon produced a list for viewing.
Bob Herpel's written report isn't finished yet. John Willie wasn't present to give his report.

3- Land Use Survey - Members discussed how their progress was coming along on their surveys of Pine Valley land use:
Bruce and Bob both mentioned that darkness is a hindrance since they both work until dark. Also a problem is that some houses don't have the house numbers posted.
Trinilee encountered a road block in one area of her section. She mentioned that gates were also a hindrance. As did the others, she encounters problems of houses lacking numbers.
Ryon wasn't aware that addresses were to be written on the form, so he will add those and return it later.
Bob stated how he thought Fred did a wonderful job setting up the maps, forms, etc. Bruce seconded Bob's thoughts. And ALL WERE IN FAVOR!
Fred drew attention to the map, to which he already had quite a bit of it marked. He questioned some of the "A's" (Agriculture) areas, asking if some of them might be better listed as just open land. Ryon clarified that those areas were indeed considered agriculture as they were often utilized for pasture land and grazing.
Fred again mentioned some homes in Pine Valley that fire trucks would not be able to get to because of poor road access. Bob said also that some roads have been abandoned by the county, hence their poor condition. Discussion took place about certain roads which should be pushed all of the way through, instead of "dead ending" for logistical and safety reasons, but either because of flood water possibilities or public opposition, those road may not be updated.
Fred asked for help if anyone had any time to further the remaining street assignments. Bruce volunteered if Fred needed him.

4- Community Survey: Fred requested that everyone look at the current survey. Are the existing questions good ones? Do all of them need to be asked?
Fred has contacted Gene Car (University of Utah) and asked him to send out samples of a survey used in other areas. To date those samples have not been received.
The mailing of the surveys can go out m the January mailing that the PVSSD puts out. By doing it this way, hopefl.tlly it won't cost any more money. The survey will then hopefully be returned when
people return their tax money. Might get a better return that way? Fred wants to go over the survey and hopefully finalize it during the December meeting. Members liked Fred's survey format. It is made simple by just having check boxes provided for answers.
Another possible question to be added to the survey is regarding the public's thoughts on the septic tank subject and/or should there be a cap on Pine Valley growth due to the issues surrounding the septic tanks.
Beverly asked about the phone system and whether or not it had ever been addressed. The answer was that it hadn't, so Fred will check about that.
Other topics were regarding adding more questions about recreation, along with usage of the campground, day use, trails, etc.
What about a public meeting center?

5- Report on the PVSSD meeting from 11-05-02: Fred gave a quick overview of the Pine Valley Special Service District meeting from the previous Tuesday.

6- Extra Business: None

Bob motioned a close to the meeting at 7:22 PM, Bruce seconded, and all were in favor.

Next meeting will be held on December 5th, 2002

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