Pine Valley Historic Advisory Committee (PVHAC)
First Official Meeting held
July 10, 2002

Attending Members: Bruce Bergeson, Trinilee Christensen, Gary L. Draper, Jay Ence, Bob Herpel, Fred Pendleton
Absent Member: Mark Wells
Ex-officio Members: John Willie, Washington County; Ryon Gardner, PVSSD
Interested Parties: Steve Robinson, WCPC; Beverly Udell, Pine Valley full-time resident: Dali Winn, Pine Valley Fire Department.

The meeting was called to order by Bruce Bergeson, chairman. The agenda, as distributed and posted on July 5, 2002, was followed.

1. General Business
a. The minutes for the May 23 and June 4, 2002 meetings had been previously distributed to members of the committee. Therefore, they were not read. Motion to approve by Mr. Pendleton, second by Mr. Ence, unamous aye vote by present members. No vote by absent Mr. Wells
b. It was confirmed that Ryon Gardner is the designated ex-officio member, representing the Pine Valley Special Service District (PVS SD).
c. It was further confirmed that the PVHAC replaces the Pine Valley Community Planning Committee (PVCPC).
d. A copy of the enabling Ordinance and Resolution, signed by the County Commissioners, was distributed to each attending committee member. Ms. Christensen agreed to deliver a copy to Mr. Wells, who was absent.

2: Committee Busines was completed as follows:
a. Officers were elected, per provisions of the enabling Ordinance. The following candidates were presented and confirmed:
Chair: Fred Pendleton
Vice Chair: Bruce Bergeson
It was also decided to name a secretary
Elected Secretary: Gary L. Draper
Motion to name this group by Mr. Ence, second by Mr. Herpel, aye votes by Mr. Bergeson, Ms. Christensen, Mr. Ence, Mr. Herpel, Mr. Pendleton. No vote by Mr. Draper. Absent was Mr. Wells.
b. The draft of the Bylaws and Rules of Procedure, draft of which was distributed to members of the committee for study and review on July 5, 2002, was discussed. It was proposed that the rules be amended to provide for a Chair, Vice Chair and Chair pro tern. Move to implement these changes by Mr. Ence, second by Mr. Bergeson, aye votes by Mr. Bergeson, Ms. Christensen, Mr. Ence, Mr. Herpel, Mr. Pendleton. No vote by Mr. Draper. Absent was Mr. Wells. Modified document will be delivered to Mr. Pendleton for signature and distribution by July 12, 2002.

3. John Willie then led a discussion of the Pine Valley General Plan-Summary of Elements, which was distributed to members of the committee on July 1, 2002. Members had been asked to use this outline as they prepared for the presentation.

The five basic steps of preparing a plan were discussed in general by Mr. Willie. They are:
Elements of the Plan
Study & Analysis
Preliminary General Plan
Final Plan

The total process should take approximately 18 months, with proper preparation and dedication.

At that point, a detail discussion was undertaken on the first three Elements of the Plan, as noted on pg 4/9 of the outline. Assignments to develop preliminary input (in writing) for the August meeting were made as noted below:

1. Mapping: "D Size" blue line copies of the map of the Pine Valley area will be available from Mr. Willie's office on July 17. Mr. Pendleton will arrange for someone to call in advance, then pick-up these outlines.

2. Land Use: Using the maps referred-to above, Mr. Pendleton will mark zones and assign individual members the task of canvassing each zone, noting the usage of each plot (residential, commercial, agricultural, open space, community facilities, religious, etc)

3. Community Facilities: An inventory will need be made of several of the commonly provided utilities:

A. Water: water rights, water supply, water storage, water distribution, etc, as currently existing, is to be reported. Ryon Gardner will supply current information, along with anticipated future requirements at the next meeting.

B. Electricity: Information regarding current availability, capacity and ability to serve the valley, will be developed by Mr. Herpel.

C. John Willie will supply an up-to-date report covering the status and limitations for installation of septic tanks.

D. Fire Protection: Dali Winn and Beverly Udell will report the fire fighting capabilities, location of fire hydrants both current and future.

E. Law Enforcemnt: Mr. Bergeson will invite the county sheriff, Mr. Shaw, to attend the August meeting. And, advise the level of police activity in the valley, along with anticipated needs.

F. Garbage Collection: Ms. Christensen will report how the current system works, costs, frequency of service and anticipated future needs either being considered, or in process.

G. Post Office: Mr. Pendleton will advise capacity of current facility and anticipated demand for future growth.

H. Cemetery: Ryon Gardner reported that the cemetery is owned by Pine Valley Irrigation Company. He will discuss with George Fry and advise capacity, current utilization and future needs.

I. Other elements such as flood control, restrictions on the use of 4 wheelers, paving of streets and emergency evacuation need be considered and a determination made as to whether these issues should be included in the final plan.

Items 4, Environment through 9, Population will be discussed at the August meeting. It will be easier to establish a format and approach, after the committee reviews the input of the assignments noted in item 3 above. Committee members are asked to present additional issues that should be addressed during the planning process.

4. Items 4a, 4b and 4c will also be discussed at the August meeting.

The next meeting will take place August 8, 2002 at 6:00 p.m.

Motion to adjourn by Mr. Herpel, second by Mr. Ence, aye vote unaminous by attending members. Mr. Wells was absent.

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