Minutes of the Meeting held On August 3, 2005

Attending Members: Ron Snow (Chairman); Gerald Schiefer (VC); Mary Esther Putnam; Ryon Gardner

Also Present: Steve Robinson (Fire Chief), Beverly Udell (Secretary) and George Cropper (Treasurer)

Absent Member: Victor Chistensen

Guests: Fred Pendleton

1. General Business: a/b. Welcome – The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM by Chairman Ron Snow and the Pledge of Allegiance was said.

c. Review/Approval of the ‘Minutes of The Meeting’ from July 6, 2005 – Minutes were read by Beverly Udell. Mary Esther moved to accept the minutes, Gerald said the second, and all were in favor.

d. Pine Valley Business Permits Reviewed: Ron had signed one, but left it at home. Ryon and Gerald signed a permit for a home on Carter Circle concerning four combined lots; the house being 8500 sq. feet and the garage was proposed at 3000 sq. feet. * Mary Esther asked about CCNR's regarding views or historical district rules when reviewing builder permits. Spring Creek and Aspen Meadows already have such guidelines. Fred added that the Pine Valley Plan has guidelines and the County is supposed to give out a copy of the Plan for people to use. Mary Esther was concerned about Pine Valley turning into a "hodge-podge". Gerald then brought up how we seem to be having more and more people living in trailers. So the question was by all, "How do we enforce the guidelines?" Ryon replied that we already have a "hodge-podge", so it would be hard to all of a sudden enforce regulations. Fred will get everyone copies of the Pine Valley Plan.

e. Board Member Reports: Ron – Still trying to reach Victor to find out if he wants to continue to be on the Board. Ryon said that he thought Vic had been out of town. Since Vic had already missed a few meetings, Beverly asked if there was a certain restriction to how many meetings could be missed before a Member was automatically taken off. Ron said he thought it might be 3 or 4 times before that would happen.

Gerald - The new water system is currently going into the campground. Because of the work on the water system, they are down to one way streets, which could provide difficulties in case of a fire. * The Forestry Department is back to working on fire mitigation. John Schmidt out of Cedar City has grant money for working on defensible space on private land. Six or seven people in Pine Valley have asked for evaluations on their property to determine what work needs to be done to provide defensible space. Currently they are working on the Reber's property. The P.V. Fire Department can give such evaluations, but they are only acting in advisory roles. John Schmidt is the one who follows through with the recommendations. John will want to talk with the property owner directly and get permission to act. Mary Esther wondered if we can ask owners of empty lots to clean up their property. The answer was that it needs to be a County wide ordinance requiring such clean up. Gerald will write a letter to the County regarding this. Mary Esther moved that we go forward with such a letter, Ryon seconded and all were in favor. * FYI info: A company out of Pennsylvania has statutory rights to test drill for perlite at the NV & UT borders. Not much for us to be concerned about in Pine Valley.

f. Citizen Requests: Guinn Winn - 1) The bill for the parking lot was $3000, which is in addition to the $1200 already paid. The Dinner Committee will pay the $3000. Guinn suggests that the PVSSD pays $1,200 of the remaining balance. They took in $5604 on melons last year. 2) The Dinner Committee purchased the chairs for the Fire Department with Centennial money. They therefore want to make sure that the chairs are always available for the Fire Department and building. The Dinner Committee has previously rented out the chairs at a rate of $.50 cents a piece, so with the rental money they could upgrade the chairs as needed due to wear and tear. However they have not been receiving any money lately, yet the chairs have still been loaned out to people. They would like the chairs available for the Dinner Committee (such as for the Pine Valley annual dinner), meetings and training in the building, etc., but not free of charge for things like weddings and such. Any money brought in from the rental of the chairs should go to the Centennial Commitee. Steve requested that anyone who rents those chairs out should also be at the fire station to supervise entry into the station.

g. Fire Chief's Report: Pine Valley hosted the annual Fire Chief's dinner this year. Flooding from rain the day of the dinner dropped the amount of people they expected in half. The dinner was supposed to be at the Heritage Center, but was relocated to the fire station due to the bad weather. The state Fire Marshall also attended. * We received state grant approval for $4500, plus another $1500 specifically for training. This is another case of where we have to buy our equipment first and then get reimbursed later. There is approximately a 90 day turnaround for reimbursement. We will get back exactly what we spend. Looking to purchase pumps and hoses. * The Dameron Valley fire was the largest fire of the season because it was actually three fires combined. It is now considered out. The National troops have also gone home. * There were six call-outs for July; two which were false alarms. The other four call-outs were EMT related, two of which were in Pine Valley and the other two were in Central. * Flat Top is still down. The latest Flat Top report is that the bases are set, but the summer fires have stopped progress. * In September the new truck will need maintenance as part of the annual service. This should cost about $385. Our new truck is easier to operate than the older one. Its radio system is different than the other Pine Valley radios, so we will need to update the truck radio to match.

h. Treasurer Report: There is currently $14,000 in the checkbook, plus whatever money Bev. has in checks There is a shortage of money which is currently needed for expenses. This money will be brought back in by the rest of the fee money yet to be received. Ryon motioned for the state grant bills to be paid out of the Capital fund, with the money put back into it again once the fee money has finished coming in. Mary Esther seconded that motion. All were in favor. * So far we have had a very good response to the fee letter. The $10,500 that was borrowed out of savings to make the building payment has now been put back.

i. Fee Increase: Ron suggested doubling the fee to $200. Mary Esther thought maybe an increase to $150 might be sufficient. Steve outlined the three accounts he felt were needed to sustain the 10-year budget plan, which would be supported by the fee increase. Ryon asked how long before the Fire Department building would be paid off and was answered that it would take 2-3 more years at $10,000. Steve said the Fire Department needs the training room doubled, plus one more bay added. Gerald recommended getting specs from other Special Service Districts to see what they are doing as far as a fee structure. George suggested if we increase the fees, that we might want to look at increasing the fee penalties as well. Next month (September) we would like to make a motion regarding the fee increase.

j. Other business: Jan Ferner has resigned as the Executive Director for the Utah Special Service Districts.

At 7:30 PM, Mary Esther motioned for the meeting to adjourn. Ryon seconded. The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 7, 2005.