Minutes of the Meeting held On July 6, 2005

Attending Members: Ron Snow (Chairman); Gerald Schiefer (VC)

Also Present: Steve Robinson (Fire Chief), Beverly Udell (Secretary) and George Cropper (Treasurer)

Absent Members: Victor Christensen; Ryon Gardner and Mary Esther Putnam

Guests: Fred Pendleton

1. General Business: a/b. Welcome – The meeting was called to order at 6:04 PM by Chairman Ron Snow and the Pledge of Allegiance was said.

c. Review/Approval of the ‘Minutes of The Meeting’ from May 4, 2005 – Minutes were read by Beverly Udell. Changes incurred were two small typos. Minutes were then approved as amended. Gerald motioned, Ron said the second, and the motion carried.

d. Pine Valley Business Permits Reviewed: None

e. Board Member Reports: Ron – Wasn’t able to yet get ahold of Alan Gardner from the County Commission to ask about appointing someone to replace Victor. He also hasn’t yet been able to reach Victor.

Gerald - Presented the stream flow data update. We are 10 times the 45 year average, which is 41” of rain, 26” of snow/rain since September 04. Creek is currently at 2.6 feet.

Campground water system will be started this month. The Campground refurbishment is now scheduled for 2007. The trees will be thinned because of de-bugging. The beetles kill the Spruce first and when those are gone, we will then lose the Ponderosa Pines.

Logging and prescribed fires will start again next year. They plan to do 1000 acres, of which commercial logging will account for 370 acres.

f. Fire Chief’s Report: Steve attended a meeting in Cedar City regarding House Bill 146 which will be in affect June 2006. This bill requires all fire departments to comply with specific training including wildland.training. Several of our people have attended this course and passed. The only thing that they haven’t done is take the physical test in order to be “red carded”.

This year the PV Fire Department will not contract as anything other than 1st responders to other areas besides Pine Valley, partly due to the age of our fighters and partly due to us not wanting to take our people out of Pine Valley (which would leave Pine Valley unmanned in case of fire.) Also because of the distance that it would then take us to get back to Pine Valley in cases of emergency. Steve shared about how extra campsites in the park will add an extra fire burden to Pine Valley. Central has taken the same stance. The money that we received last year for fighting fires elsewhere will therefore probably be the last that we receive of its type.

EMTs had four call-outs – two for falls at the campgrounds and two of the call-outs were for suicide attempts in Central. * AED and CPR training was held in Pine Valley, taught by Jeff Hunt. Fourteen people were in attendance to be trained.

Steve, Gerald and George attended Extradition Training held in Enterprise. The Enterprise Station gave them some extradition gear which is currently being fixed in Las Vegas. * Training for the new engine is tomorrow.

Training next Saturday in Pine Valley is for defensive tactics and evacuation procedures. Evacuation would be a huge mess for the campground and people with their big camping trailers.

Flat Top tower is still down.

g. Treasurer Report: George gave an accounting of fixed expenses so we can compare that to our present income. He also gave pages regarding expected income versus estimated expenses – all to aid us in evaluating our fee structure. See attached notes from George. Ron said that Dave Patterson will come and talk to us about the fee structure when we are ready for him.

h. Fred gave a web site update. There is now a page informing about “Defensible Space”, the latest fire restrictions and fire training schedules. Vicki Frei also added a link to the Temple Visitor’s Center in St. George. Bev asked if the web site had a counter to check for web site traffic. Fred said he would check into that.

2. Citizen Requests – None.

At 6:45 PM, Gerald motioned for the meeting to adjourn. Ron seconded. The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 3, 2005.