Minutes of the Meeting held On May 5, 2005

Attending Members: Ron Snow (Chairman); Gerald Schiefer (VC); Mary Esther Putnam; Ryon Gardner

Also Present: George Cropper (Treasurer) and Beverly Udell (Secretary/Clerk)

Absent Members: Victor Christensen; Steve Robinson (Fire Chief)

Guests: Fred Pendleton

1. General Business: a/b. Welcome - Pledge of Allegiance was said at 6:10 PM and the meeting was called to order at 6:12 PM by Chairman Ron Snow.

c. Review/Approval of the ‘Minutes of The Meeting’ from April 6, 2005 – Minutes were read by Beverly Udell. Changes incurred were two minor typos. Minutes were then approved as amended. Mary Esther motioned, Gerald said the second, and all were in favor.

d. Pine Valley Building Permits Reviewed: None.

e. Board Member Reports: Ryon shared that the PV Water Board just had its annual meeting. All is well. Also the announcement was made that Erle Snow was retiring from his post in the Pine Valley Irrigation Company.

Mary Esther reported that she got a check for the gravel from the PV Dinner Committee. The check she received was actually for $1,200 and not the original thought of $1,000. This is very good news! * She has also received some e-mails regarding the PVSSD web domain and she was wondering if she needed to do something or if Vicki had already handled it.

Gerald: Shared that the water level in the creek was at 251%, which is 441% better than last year. The river is 2 ˝ feet deep, running at 48 cubic feet per second. * While we are thankful for all the wetness we have received this year, there is still a big fire threat because now we have so much cheat grass around the Valley.

Bevan Killpack (Forestry Dept.) said that there is talk of a herd of goats that might be contracted and placed around the Valley to eat the excess grass.

Bevan said that he can’t come to our Wednesday meetings due to another scheduling conflict, but he appreciates the good relationship between the Forestry Dept. and the PVSSD.

Bevan said that the camp refurbishment is scheduled now for 2006, and hopefully finished by 2007. Trees will also be thinned in the campground because of bug problems.

The burn that was scheduled by the Forestry Department for the fire break area this spring has had to be put off because of rain. The burn can only be done at certain window times because either we have snow on the ground, or the opposite when the Valley is too dry. It appears due to the rain, the window for the burn has now been lost for this Spring. It will be rescheduled for the fall.

Campground report – a new water system is going in. The concession folks are now there and doing repairs on the campground.

Gerald: Gave the fire report for Steve Robinson. The $5,000 State grant has been turned in and should be reimbursed to us within 30 days.

The County has asked that we do a clean-up and burn from the culvert to down around the turn at the creek area in the meadows. FEMA will pay $2,000 to us for performing this service. Mary Esther suggested that maybe we should have them pay us for cleaning the other side of the meadow up the creek, which would have a much bigger impact on Pine Valley if there should be flooding. Ron said he would call Alan Gardner to see what he thought about that idea.

On another FEMA subject – the FEMA grant for this year has been turned in. Our request from them was for a “Snuffer” truck. Our portion would be $6,000-$12,000, which is very, very good since the truck itself costs over $100,000. Currently we have $16,000 in the Fire Fighter’s fund. The money for the truck wouldn’t be due until September of 2006.

Utah State grants have to be in by the end of the month. This is a $5,000 grant with a 10% “in kind” match. We have asked for more equipment and uniforms.

We have the opportunity to get a “new” used truck from the Enterprise Fire Station. It is a 1976 LaFrance in mint condition (with only 50,000 miles on it). It will replace the 1968 LaFrance that we currently have. The newer truck will cost us $15,000, but we will get $7,500 for our old truck that we can put towards the newer one. A vote was cast to allow the remaining $7,500 to be taken out of the Fire Fighter’s fund. Gerald motioned for this, Ryon seconded and all were in favor.

Discussion of the Annual Letter: Beverly talked about the status of the PVSSD fee letter. She brought in the books (three large 3-ring binders) to show the Board what all she was entering in to the PV data base.

Already over $4,000 had been brought back in because of the letters that had been sent out. George had already gotten his fee letter and he told how much he and Julie thought of the letter.

Bev also informed the Board about how she inserted a paragraph into the fee letter letting the property owners know that we were collecting their personal data (name, address, phone, e-mail address) for the new data base, but that the information collected would only be used for Pine Valley information and/or to send the owner information about things pertaining to Pine Valley. Their information would NEVER be sold, traded, given away, etc. The property owners were directed to fill out a form with their information and return it with their fee money. This should cover us for the legalities of using the data for things like the Pine Valley dinner mailings.

f. Treasurer Report: George gave an accounting of how much money we currently have, how much we have brought in, how much money we have going out, etc. We don’t have enough money in the General account to pay for the pending bills until more money comes in from the fee letter. George asked if we could take money out of the reserve account just for the interim time, which will be put back once we receive more of the fee monies. Mary Esther motioned to go ahead and take money out of the Reserve account for the purpose of paying the pending bills. Ryon seconded that motion and all else were in favor.

Our accountant, Stan Seegmiller is now going to charge us $750 for our annual financial report, which is different than the $500 charge that George originally thought Stan said we would be charged.

George gave the Board a copy of his contract for review (contract for being the Treasurer.) Gerald motioned to accept George’s contract, Mary Esther seconded and all were in favor.

George explained that the PVSSD currently puts out $2,948 each year for insurance. He requested that someone look over our policy and see if we are carrying enough insurance or if better rates might be achieved. The insurance comes from the Utah Local Fireman’s Trust.

2. Citizen Requests – None.

At 7:00PM, Mary Esther motioned for the meeting to adjourn. Ryon seconded. The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 1, 2005.