Minutes of the meeting of Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Trustees held on January 7,2003 at the fire station in Pine Valley, Utah. Trustees present were Ron Snow, Chairman; Victor Christensen, Lee Carlile, Vicki Frei, and Ryon Gardner.

Others present: Dall Winn, Pine Valley Fire Chief; Julie Cropper, PVSSD Board Secretary/Treasurer; Layne Frei, Bob Herpel, Beverly Udell, Carolyn Carlile and George Cropper. Steve Robinson represented the Washington County Planning and Zoning Commission; and Fred Pendelton represented the Pine Valley Historical Advisory Committee.

Ron opened the meeting at 6:05 pm, welcomed those present and conducted the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

A secret ballot of trustees was conducted to select officers for the 2003 year. The present officers Ron Snow, Chairman and Vicki Frei, Vice Chairman were reelected.

Minutes of the meeting of December 3, 2002 were read and approved on a motion by Ryon Gardner and seconded by Vicki Frei.

The position of Fire Chief for the coming year was considered. Lee Carlile moved and Vicki Frei seconded the motion to retain Dall Winn as Pine Valley Fire Chief for the upcoming year. The motion was approved on a voice vote.

Vicki asked the PVSSD Board if they wished to continue the Pine Valley website at a cost of $13.95 for the expense for one year. Victor moved and Lee seconded the motion to continue the website and pay this expense. The motion was approved. Vicki also requested meeting minutes be put on a disc so that they can go on the website easily. Fred mentioned that Washington County was hiring a webmaster who will do a county website and help out other county groups with theirs.

Lee introduced an idea from Ginger Mathis that community members could volunteer to help keep our streets and roadways free of litter. The board discussed and supported this effort. It was decided to put a notice in the Post Office asking willing people to contact any board member and then divide the town into blocks or sections and know who will be cleaning each part. Julie is to follow up with Ginger to get the notice posted.

Julie discussed the 2003 fire protection and information letter. She had samples from previous years. The board discussed the letter and decided to include much the same information as previous years including the Website address, listing names and phone numbers of the three EMTs and updated information from the Fire Chief. Including the Historical Committee questionnaire was also discussed and Julie will work with Fred to figure out the weight and postage.

Ron mentioned that the EMTs had recently applied for a grant.

Dall mentioned that the Tuesday meeting day conflicts with the Washington County Fire Chief's meeting which is held 6 times per year. The meeting day was discussed and Vicki moved and Ryon seconded a motion to change the meeting day to the first Wednesday of each month. The motion was approved.

Dall discussed the upcoming fire department expenses for the trustees to consider:

He said this totals $4,500 and should carry the department needs for the next 6 months. The board discussed these needs. Victor moved and Lee seconded a motion to approve the expenditure of up to $4,500 over the next 6 months. The motion was approved.

The board requested a financial report from the Secretary to be provided at the end of each quarter. This request was formalized by a motion made by Vicki which was seconded by Victor and carried.

Dall also provided the following Fire Department update:

Beverly Udell discussed community concerns about timely snow and ice removal on the main access road to the valley. She said contacts has been made with the school district and county road department. The board discussed snow removal and it was mentioned that Pine Valley seems to be a low priority and that the roadway is totally ice before anything is done. The board felt that Pine Valley should be at least one of the higher priorities because of the school bus and generally colder and snowier conditions. Ron will again contact the county road department.

Bob Herpel mentioned a charitable organization called "Personalized Ponies" who train ponies for handicapped kids and take them to hospitals, nursing homes and other places to bring joy and cheer to people. He said Beverly Udell (who had left the meeting at this point) is involved with these ponies and is doing much of this charitable work at her personal expense. Bob asked those present to consider helping Beverly with her work with financial donations.

Fred said that the Advisory Committee was nearly done with their town survey work and questionnaire which will be mailed with the annual letter.

Steve Robinson said that he had talked to the county road supervisor about possible roadside safety striping on the access road and this will be followed up in the Spring. He also said the supervisor will follow up again on "Brad's trash".

Steve also said the county is continuing planning work with respect to sexually oriented businesses and where they can be located. Pine Valley is presently one of three locations in the county with commercial zoning that could be suitable for this use.

There being no further business, Lee made a motion to adjourn which was seconded by Vicki and approved. The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 pm.


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