A regular monthly meeting of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Trustees was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Ron Snow, Chairman.

Board of Trustees present: Lee Carlile, Victor Christensen and Ryon Gardner. Vicki Frei was excused. Also present were Dall Winn, Fire Chief; Julie Cropper, Board Secretary /Treasurer; and Steve Robinson representing Washington County Planning and Zoning Commission. Members of the public present were Carolyn Carlile, Bob Herpel, Michelle Root, Beverely Udell and George Cropper.

Ron Snow called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm. Minutes of the meeting of the February 5, 2002 meeting were read by Board Secretary Julie Cropper. Ron clarified some information in the second paragraph, saying that there are 850 platted lots, with approximately 450 liveable residences, which includes between 40-45 full time residences. Dall asked about any officially recognized population figures. It was concluded that there were none and that best estimates would have to be used for reports and grant applications. Lee moved and Victor seconded a motion to approve the minutes with the corrections noted. The motion carried.

Michelle Root was introduced and presented small scale building plans for a proposed residence. The board agreed to have her provide full-size plan copies when available and to hand-carry them for review. Ron mentioned that Brad Wallis will be resubmitting some plans and these will also be hand-carried to Trustees.

Victor asked what is the role of the Board in reviewing these plans. This was discussed and it was explained that the County provides them as a courtesy so that the PVSSD Board of Trustees will know what is being built and have an opportunity to look at such things as groundwater/basement issues, overall building-height and other factors that could affect our ability to provide fire protection. The PVSSD Board of Trustees can:

- get acquainted with the applicant.

- be sure the proposed building will be within the service-area of a fire hydrant.

- be sure the Washington County Building/Zoning office doesn't slip up on a code requirement.

- double check or point out any septic tank and water pollution problems.

- provide comments if building does not fit into traditional architecture/color, for the valley.

- verify access for fire vehicles.

Fire Chief, Dall Winn reports:

- we have tried out the new fire engine and had some training provided by the St. George Fire Chief. The truck pumps a lot of water. Some sheared-off axle bolts were repaired and the repair was paid for by the Dinner Committee.

- he has purchased some Chimfex chimney-fire suppressant sticks and chock-blocks for the trucks. These were also funded by the Dinner Committee.

- monthly fire training will be held Saturday, March 9,2002 at 11:00 a.m.

- he had attended the Fire Academy grant-training class held at Provo. There will be $360 million dollars available nationwide and he will prepare some applications for this. Beverely Udell volunteered to help with some of the computer application work.

- he said he had contacted the Forest Service about positioning the Mack truck at the summer homes during the summer. He said their response was essentially no and under these circumstances we may not want to keep this truck in the long term.

- Dall asked about the possibility of getting an operating budget earmarked specifically for the fire department so that he could have more flexibility and not have to get advance approval when needs come up on short notice. This possibility was discussed and it was decided to have Dall prepare a proposed budget for the board to consider at the next meeting.

- there were some expenses in connection with the Grant Training Seminar and Dall asked for reimbursement for $97.92 for lodging and fuel. Victor made a motion to approve these expenses and Ryon seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Ryon asked about the PVSSD income and whether or not it is being spent each year. It was explained that there is a savings account and some of the estimated $35,000 income has been accumulating in this account. The board discussed the relationship with the Pine Valley Dinner Committee. This committee is a volunteer private organization that raises money through the summer picnic. They use this money for the overall benefit of Pine Valley and frequently donate to fire department needs.

Ron said that attaching an additional fee for late payments had been researched and discussed informally, but we should take a formal action on this proposal. Ryon made a motion to assess an additional $20.00 on accounts that are late as of July 31,2002. This late fee would be included on a delinquent list that is provided to the County Assessor and Treasurer's office for collection on property taxes. Victor seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Lee reported on the Pine Valley Community Improvement Committee. He said that they had a meeting and voted Bruce Bergeson as the Chairman and Gary Draper as Secretary. The next meeting will be on March 6, 2002, at the Pine Valley Fire Station. The results of this committee should be presented to the Service District Board to be transmitted to Washington County.

A Community Planning Seminar is to be held in Ivins on March 15 & 16, 2002. It would be helpful for any Board of Trustees or members of the Pine Valley Community Committee to attend. Costs are $25 per participant and Julie will attend for sure to confirm a count. Lee moved and Ryon seconded a motion to pay expenses for members of either group who can attend. This motion carried.

The future of the Pine Valley Princess project was discussed. It has been the center of considerable confusion and controversy and it is a large expense and workload for someone. Victor said we need a set of rules to guide this program and he thought these rules should be more limiting in respect to the selection of a Pine Valley resident. He said we do not have to have a Princess every year if there is no one qualified or interested. It was unanimously felt that this was not a project appropriate for the Pine Valley Special Service District to fund or sponsor. It should be other volunteers or perhaps a project for the Pine Valley Community Committee. Bob Herpel, a member of the Community Committee expressed that the committee would probably be willing to help with this and work on criteria, rules or guidelines. Ron told Bob to go ahead with having the Pine Valley Community Committee head up the princess project.

Steve Robinson reported the Washington County Planning & Zoning Commission was processing a draft of the Special Events Ordinance which would be in effect County-wide. It will be going to the County Commission in the near future. Steve also gave a progress report on Gae Robinson's EMT training and presented some bills for expenses. Her current classes end in May and Intermediate training will not commence until next year. Lee moved and Ryon seconded a motion to pay the expenses. The motion carried.

Ron invited any discussion or comments from the public present. There were none. There being no further business, Lee moved and Ryon seconded a motion to adjourn. This motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.

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