Minutes ofthe meeting of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Trustees held on July 2,2002 at the Forest Service Heritage Center in Pine Valley, Utah. This was the annual open house meeting and former officers and board members were invited to receive special recognition for their past work. Chairman Ron Snow called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm. and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

In addition to the Chairman, Trustees present were Ryon Gardner, Lee Carlile, Vicki Frei, and Victor Christensen. Also present were Julie Cropper, Board Secretary; Dall Winn, Pine Valley Fire Chief; Erle Snow, Pine Valley Irrigation Company; Bevan Killpack, U S Forest Service; and Steve Robinson representing County Planning and Zoning Commisssion. Others present included Carolyn Carlile, Layne Frei, Beverly Udell, Bob Herpel, Dean and Marie Gardner, Ted Snow, Gary Draper, Gae Robinson, Gary and Ginger Mathis, Lois and George Fry, Doug and Janet Taysom, Guin Winn, Andy Holt, and Mervyn Cox.

Minutes of the June 4, meeting were read and approved on a motion by Vicki and second by Victor.

The Chairman reported that he had signed building plans for Ence Construction on the Melvin Close property on Mtn. View Drive.

Ron read a letter from Mary Wagner, Forest Supervisor about unauthorized facilities construction and asked Bevan Killpack what it meant. Bevan explained that the letter had been mistakenly sent to all special use permit holders instead of "ditch bill" permittees and that it could be disregarded.

Ron asked the Trustees if any of them had any issues to bring up. There were none.

Ron mentioned a call about the Lodge owners renting a house in a residential neighborhood on a nightly basis. Steve Robinson said that the County Attorney was handling that issue.

Fire Chief, Dall Winn gave a general update on the fire department organization, volunteers, equipment, the new fire engine and training. He introduced the two trained EMTs, Ginger Mathis and Gae Robinson. He then reported on the following items:

-the most recent Insurance Services Office evaluation of our department maintained a "6" rating which is good news.

-there have been 15 hours of fire training from the Utah State Fire Academy so far this year.

-there is a new Fire Department organization with a hierarchy of command. This was explained.

-there are pending grant applications to hopefully acquire some much needed equipment.

-residents at the summer homes have asked for options to improve fire protection in their area. Dall had considered stationing the Mack truck in that area, but had decided not to because of liability and possible vandalism. The next fire training on July 13 will visit the summer home area and assess the protection and how it could be improved. Dall mentioned that some homeowners had acquired their own hose and hydrant equipment. Erle Snow cautioned that water pressures in fire hydrants can be dangerous if they are used by untrained persons.

Dall presented a zoning map prepared by Jack Horner, a department volunteer, that could help emergency crews unfamiliar with addresses and street names find locations easier. He asked the board to approve using this map and providing it to emergency service personnel. The board agreed that it was a good idea and approved its use.

Fire department response on Forest Service land was brought up and Dall explained that we had discussed this with the Forest Service and the Department will make initial attack response on fires that threaten private property, the campgrounds and improvements if it can be safely done.

Bevan said that the Forest Service will supply some hand tools and back pumps to be kept at the fire house.

Ted Snow suggested that the EMTs be provided a hat or jacket to identify them. It was agreed that this is a good idea.

Dall made special mention of Ted Snow, George Fry, past trustees and the Forest Service who had all worked and cooperated to get the fire station building going and make it possible to have the protection that we have today.

Ron introduced Mervyn Cox who discussed and asked for input on a proposal to make a rock entryway to his Spring Creek Pines subdivision. He said that at least one resident had requested a gate and perhaps a gated community with privatized roads. It was discussed that the gated community and privatized roads would require an amended subdivision plat and County approval. Access for fire protection and water company needs were discussed. The board expressed feelings against a gated community or privatized road system, but had no objection to a stone entryway. Mr. Cox said that he would proceed in that way.

Gary Draper representing the Pine Valley Historic Advisory Committee gave an update on their activities. He read a list of their seven members. Their first official meeting will be on July 10 at 6:00 pm and the first Thursday of each month thereafter. They will follow public meeting rules with a public agenda. Their charter provides for reviewing current ordinances and criteria and preparing a long term plan to protect and preserve values in Pine Valley which will be presented to the County Commission for approval.

They expect this to be a two year effort and will contact every property owner to get their feelings and input.

Steve Robinson discussed the County Special Events Ordinance which is expected to be passed soon. They will let commercial owners know in advance what the rules are to keep a traditional situation in Pine Valley. It will involve law enforcement, public health, and fire agencies, to plan for public safety at activities and large gatherings including noise restrictions.

Erle Snow discussed the overall drought and water situation. He said the Irrigation Company is concerned about the water supply. At present, they are barely able to keep up with demand. There may be some restriction on outside use in the future. He said for the present, use what water you need, but conserve where you can. In response to questions, he said that new subdivisions have to meet county code and install 8 inch supply piping. The company is not chlorinating water yet, but may have to in the future.

Erle also mentioned that Dixie-Escalante REA is constructing a new power supply line from Newcastle to Pinto which will improve electricity reliability.

Bob Herpel mentioned that his request for a zone change for his real estate office had been approved by the County Commission.

Bevan Killpack reported on Forest Service activities as follows:

-we are in Stage II fire closure which prohibits any open fires and has restriction on operating equipment such as chain saws. We may have to close the forest to public use if it doesn't rain.

-the Pine Valley recreation decision had been reversed by the Regional Forester due to its vegetation removal proposals and challenges by the Utah Environmental Congress.

-Randy Swick is the new acting Forest Supervisor.

-discussed preserving the history of Pine Valley. A master plan will be done, which could include recognizing pioneer families using the existing the Heritage Center.

-mentioned a proposal for a High Desert A TV trail which could go ITom the Cedar City area toward Mesquite and pass through the lower end of Pine Valley. Environmental analysis has not been done, but it could have significant impacts to the Pine Valley area. The trustees and public present expressed serious concerns about this proposal.

Ron asked about the road agreement between Washington County and the Forest Service on the road from Central. Bevan said that this is an old agreement that has not been updated. Ron said that with the increases in traffic, we need to upgrade this road.

As a highlight to the meeting Chairman Snow presented and explained two plaques to recognize and show appreciation for the past service of persons serving on the Board of Trustees and the Fire Department. The plaques list the names of the people who volunteered time and effort in establishing the Service District and Fire Department and advancing our fire protection to what we enjoy today.

There being no further business, Lee moved and Vicki seconded a motion to adjourn. The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm.

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