A regular monthly meeting of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Trustees was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Ron Snow, Chairman.

Board of Trustees present: Lee Carlile, Victor Christensen, Vicki Frei, Ryon Gardner & Ron Snow, Chairman. Board Secretary/Treasurer Julie Cropper, PVSSD Fire Chief Dall Winn, Steve Robinson, Layne Frei & George Cropper were also present.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, minutes of the January 8, 2002 were read by Secretary, Julie Cropper. Lee Carlile made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Victor Christensen second the motion. The motion carried.

Ron reported on the resolution of a board of trustee qualification issue that had been raised at the visit with Mr. Jan Furner of the Utah Association of Special Service Districts. Ron provided a letter with statistics on residence in Pine Valley being taxed as "Primary Residences". He said he had reviewed the stat law amendment with his lawyer of Jenkins & Jensen and said it was almost impossible to determine how many people are or are not full time residents. The PVSSD discussed the 17A-2-1326 Utah State Special District Code (1, a-e). Each board member was given a copy of the code. Ron Snow presented a listing of the approximate amount of residence in Pine Valley. This showed 818 lots total. We have approximately 450 residence at this given date.

There was further discussion about a person having only have one principle place of residence and register to vote in only one place according to the Washington County Clerks office. Board members were aware of this and finally agreed that if a person was eligible and registered to vote in the district, which includes Pine Valley, they would be eligible to serve on the Pine Valley Special Service District. All board members said okay and Ryon Gardner was congratulated as a new member.

Fire Chief, Dall Winn reports:

  • -Dall was aware of the funeral dinner held in the fire house and explained some extenuating circumstances. The radios that were missing had been located in a safe place. The board discussed overall use of the building and agreed that Fire Chief, Dall Winn had done the right thing. A legal safety capacity for people in the building, is posted on the wall in the conference room. Vicki made a motion to have us not allow more than the legal capacity of persons in the meeting room and the truck bays are not to be used for overflow of people. The motion was amended to give the Fire Chief responsibility for the use of the building and discretion to determine what is or is not appropriate on a case by case basis. Meetings, such as government bodies, would be included. Lee Carlile seconded the motion as amended and the motion was carried.

  • -passed out copies of a lengthy report he had prepared for the insurance office including GPM tests for various hydrants.

  • -discussed a letter from Utah Valley State College about a training opportunity during the first week of March to learn about FEMA Grant Programs. There was some discussion on grants and grant qualifications. Dall said he would be willing to go and the board agreed to consider help with expenses. Dall will get some more information before a decision is made.

  • -gave a update of progress of getting the new truck ready to put in use and also discussed the older Mack truck. One idea was to position it at the Summer Homes for the summer where protection is not as good as it could be. The board agreed to keep the Mack truck and decide on its use later one.

  • - monthly fire training will be held on Sat. Feb. 9 at 10:00. There will also be some weekend training held in late April and early May.

  • -some chock blocks have been ordered and will be paid for by the Dinner Committee funds. Lee said that he may have some that he could donate. Dall also said he was trying to get some Chimfex flare type devices to extinguish chimney fires.

    George Cropper presented loan refinancing proposals from both Zion and Village Banks for fixed interest rate loans. After some consideration and discussion, Ryon moved and Vicki seconded a motion to continue with the existing adjustable rate loan from Zion's Bank. The motion carried.

    Ron discussed plans for honoring the service of Ted Snow and Judd Burgess. After discussion, it was decided to try and honor them for their years of service at the annual town meeting in July. Ron will talk to Judd again this week.

    The upcoming annual assessment letter was discussed with the following ideas presented:

  • -we could include an invoice or bill for the assessment to try and cut down on the delinquency rate.

  • -we may want to institute a late fee to discourage delinquencies. Julie will contact the assessor to see what their policy is on late or non payments.

  • -we need to mention the new board members and EMT.

  • -we need to discuss rules on open fires and the requirements for permits for outside burning.

  • -we need to again reiterate the rules on use for OHV's.

    Victor Christensen suggested that instead of putting all of the brush and tree limbs in dumpsters to be hauled to the landfill, they could be piled at a cleared location to be burned in wintertime. After some discussion, it was decided that the board did not want to take the responsibility or liability for this.

    Vicki gave an update on the Pine Valley Website progress.

    Ron asked about the "errors and omissions" liability insurance coverage. Julie passed around the policy declarations that do list "errors and omissions" as a part of the district's liability coverage.

    Ron asked about the Pine Valley Community Improvement Committee. The Committee has been chosen and a letter sent out to each. The first meeting will be on Feb. 21, 200 at 6:00 p.m. This will be an organizational meeting and the public and board trustees are invited.

    Steve mentioned that the County Special Events Ordinance will be reviewed by the Planning Commission in late March or April. Issues related to this are fire, public safety, security and noise. He presented a bill for Gae"s EMT training mileage etc. He reported she is doing well in classes.

    The board discussed using a tape recording to document proceedings in meetings. It was decided that this was not advisable nor necessary except perhaps in special complicated or contentious meetings in which case, the recording can be used to summarize and prepare written minutes and after the minutes are approved by the board, the recording would be erased.

    There being no further business, Lee moved and Vicki seconded a motion to adjourn. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 7:05 pm.

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