Minutes of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Directors held at the Pine Valley Fire Station on Tuesday October 2, 2001. The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by Chairman Ted Snow. Board members present were Chairman Ted Snow, Lee Carlile, Ron Snow, and Judd Burgess. Board member Vicki Frei was excused. Also present were Board Secretary Julie Cropper and Pine Valley Fire Chief Dall Winn. Members of the public present were Carolyn Carlile, Debbie McAllum, and George Cropper.

The minutes of the meeting of August 7, 2001 were read and approved by voice vote. Chairman Ted Snow requested that we organize meeting agendas to deal with chartered responsibilities first and then move on to other valley-related items.

The Board discussed a second EMT position. Gaye Robinson is willing to volunteer and take the training. Funding for the training and equipment was discussed. The Board would need assurances that if the training were funded, a commitment to serving the position would be forthcoming. Ron Snow moved to table the issue and requested that Gaye Robinson be present at the November 2001 meeting to answer any questions the Board might have for her. The motion was seconded by Judd Burgess and it carried by voice vote.

Fire Chief Dall Winn reported the following items:

  • the State Fireman's Association has optional insurance available for volunteers. Cost is $17 per year. It is available on a personal basis and covers incidents related to fire activities only. Information is available at the Post Office.
  • training will go back to Saturdays starting on October 13, 2001 at 10 am.
  • the fire engines have passed their annual pump tests again this year.
  • radio communication with law enforcement agencies is better now with a new repeater and Dall would like to see if we could get hand-held radios to be used to contact dispatchers. We may be able to eliminate the telephone link in the present paging system. He will check surplus sources, especially after the Olympics.

    A possible "Pine Valley Community Committee" to help work with local property owners and Washington County Planning and Zoning Commissioners was discussed. Ron Snow felt that most people would like to see some architectural guidelines in place. It was discussed that at present there are no regulations in areas that haven't been formally subdivided. It was also pointed out that we could also get public input on such things as four-wheelers (ORVs/snowmobiles), dogs, large animals, and signage. Lee Carlile made a motion that the Board pursue getting a committee of five people organized. They would work on finding out what the majority of valley property owners would like to see for the future. The motion was seconded by Judd Burgess and carried by voice vote. Several persons were mentioned as possible committee members, and it was decided to solicit volunteer interest for the committee by word-of-mouth, a posting in the Post Office, and mention at the up-coming potluck dinner.

    Debbie McAllum was introduced and asked the Board for their help and support in getting a street name-change for 900 East. She said it has some confusing and contradictory addresses, and the people living on 900 East would like to call the street Maple Leaf Lane. She has gone through the official processes to get the name changed, but the County Road Supervisor seems to be opposed to or unwilling to change the name. Ron Snow mentioned that the official subdivision plat might have to be amended. The Board suggested that Ms. McAllum could contact the County Commissioner who oversees road issues. The final decision would be made by the County Commission.

    Ms. McAllum also mentioned that she had heard that a school bus will be starting to come to Pine Valley and she is concerned about street improvement, guard rails, and snow removal. Board members said some of these things had been discussed in the past. It was mentioned that the County School Board could probably help on some of these safety issues.

    Both Ron Snow and Ted Snow said they would personally discuss the street name change and school bus safety issues with Gayle Allred, County Commission Chairman.

    Ted Snow mentioned that he had an appointment to discuss use of the Dixie College Building in Pine Valley for the potluck dinners.

    Lee Carlile discussed the Weber County Special Events Ordinance which he had reviewed and suggested that "Dance" be specifically mentioned on page 2b.

    Secretary Julie Cropper read a letter from the County Commissioners giving their thanks and appreciation for the Board's work, and reminding them that operations should be conducted according to applicable law. They suggested an independent audit at year's end to help in preparing annual reports.

    Ted Snow asked about delinquent list questions which had arisen from the County Treasurer's office. Julie Cropper, Board Secretary, said the questions had been resolved, and had originally resulted from having too much information on the list when more than one person holds ownership in a property.

    There being no further business, Lee Carlile made a motion to adjourn which was seconded by Ron Snow. The motion carried by voice vote, and the meeting was formally adjourned at 6:45 pm.

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