Minutes of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Directors meeting held on July 3, 2001 at 5:30 pm, at the Fire Station in Pine Valley, Utah.

Board members present were Chairman Pro-Tem Judd Burgess, Lee Carlile, and Vicki Frei. Ron Snow and Chairman Ted Snow were excused. Also present were Board Secretary Julie Cropper, Fire Chief Dall Winn, and Steve Robinson representing the Washington County Planning and Zoning Commission. Members of the public present were Bob Covington, Beverly Covington, Bob Herpel, Grant Cottrell, Mary Cottrell, Tom Nielsen, Layne Frei, and George Cropper.

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by Chairman Pro-Tem Judd Burgess. The minutes of the meeting of June 6, 2001 were read and approved by voice vote.

Fire Chief Dall Winn stated that Dixie College is apparently not willing to allow use of their building in Pine Valley for the potluck dinners. He said if the town potlucks continue to use the Fire Station conference room, he will need to find out the rated safe capacity and refrain from overflow into the fire truck bays.

Julie Cropper mentioned that the Forest Service would be sending information to all property owners about proposals for changes in their recreation facilities in the valley. They have committed to attending Board meetings to explain this or other things affecting the community.

Steve Robinson discussed the Pine Valley Lodge property proposals. He said nothing new had been submitted and the new owners did not attend the June Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Tom Nielsen, a home owner near the Lodge, asked about the fašade/fence proposal. Steve explained that they are allowed up to a 6 foot fence on the property line. Anything more requires further approvals.

Vicki Frei said Pine Valley Princess 2001 Josly Fitzgerald had attended the Washington County Royalty Ball, is thrilled to be the Princess and is looking forward to representing the valley. Vicki mentioned what a great and talented girl she is. Vicki is following up on Princess committments. Joslyn needs to be chaperoned by an adult at all times while at the Washington County Fair, and Vicki will need help to cover this from other Board Members. A Fair schedule will be provided when available.

Fire Chief Dall Winn reported that the new fire hydrants are apparently not in yet, and we still don't know when the water company will get this done. Mr. Cottrell asked about the locations of these and Dall explained where they would be placed. Julie asked about a competitive bid process for this sort of installation. Dall explained that up until now there had been only one or two people in the area capable of doing this work. It was generally agreed that the Board should seek competitive bids for any future projects. This may be further complicated however because the irrigation company owns the water lines and controls the installations. Judd will pursue the hydrant project for the Board.

Secretary Julie Cropper gave a financial report. All bills are current including this year's Fire Station building mortgage payment. She has transferred $10,000.00 to the interest-bearing savings account.

Judd commented on changes in the valley which are happening rapidly now. He said that although he likes people coming in, he isn't comfortable with some of the changes going on. He said he had talked to Washington County officials about the role of the PVSSD Board. He said they indicated we have a wide latitude to deal with issues affecting us in the valley although final decisions are reserved to the County when necessary. He said we can identify issues and take discussion of them to the County Commission when needed. Issues that were specifically discussed included excessive numbers of or at-large dogs, and proliferation of signs on rights-of-way.

Tom Nielsen, a former policeman, said he had considerable experience in municipal code issues including adult entertainment ordinances and zoning, and offered his help in research and discovery with regard to what other entities similar to Pine Valley are doing.

Lee Carlile said he has written animal control ordinances in Wasatch County and has access to a lot of information on the process.

Vicki Frei reported that the Pine Valley website is running smoothly. There was an anonymous posting to the message board about the amount of construction in the valley. There is now a classified ad section and she could set up a commercial page if there is enough interest.

Fire Chief Dall Winn said that there is about $1400.00 in reimbursements to fire fighters that they have agreed should be used for equipment. He has made some valve and coverall purchases and presented a bill for $751.00 for payment.

It was decided to get a town map in the meeting room for reference at meetings. Judd said he could enlarge the existing street map to hang.

Steve Robinson mentioned that the County Planning and Zoning Commission was in the process of revising several regulations including large animals and fencing. It is proposed that future properties be at least one acre to have a large animal. Older areas may be grandfathered. They are also proposing to change requirements for 'adjacent property' owner notification and limit properties to no more than 2 large dogs which should not constitute a threat or nuisance to neighbors. He said they would like input to these proposals from concerned citizens.

Steve Robinson also said that the County Board of Adjustments had approved a youth home for up to 12 persons in New Harmony. Future proposals would be on a case by case basis, but this could be an issue for Pine Valley in the future.

Grant Cottrell asked about ATVs and mentioned specifically Sage Drive as a problem area. It was explained that this problem had been discussed at length and was emphasized in the annual letter. Some motor bikes may be legal to operate on streets and there are specific laws about licensing, helmets, etc. This issue was again discussed and it was concluded that squeaky wheels may get the grease, and the bes overall strategy is to report nuisance or violations to the Washington County Sheriff.

Bob Herpel presented a proposal for a small real estate sales office building on the Branding Iron property which is now owned by Scott Nielson, the new owner of the Pine Valley Lodge. Bob stated septic, electricity, and water would be through the existing Branding Iron meters. The office would be closed during hours when the restaurant is open so there should not be a parking conflict. The Board agreed to consider this proposal along with others pending.

There being no further business or comments, Lee Carlile moved and Vicki Frei seconded the motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 pm. The next meeting is scheduled to be held August 7, 2001 at 5:30 pm at the Fire Station in Pine Valley, Utah.

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