Minutes of the meeting of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Directors held on April 9, 2001, at 5:30 PM at the Pine Valley Fire Station, Pine Valley, Utah.

Board members present were Ted Snow, Chairman; Judd Burgess, Ron Snow, and Vicki Frei. Fire Chief Dall Winn and Board Secretary Julie Cropper were also in attendance. The meeting was also attended by about 25 residents and property owners in Pine Valley. Those attending were:

Gerald Schiefer
Guin Winn
Carolyn Carlile
Betty Roach
Gary Draper
Dall Winn
Bob Covington
Bob Herpel
Joel Sessions
Dorral Booth
George Cropper
Brad Stucki
Marian Wells
Wendell C. Gray
Layne Frei
Chris Hansen
Duane Fielding
Mike (last name unreadable)
Celia Snow
Lee Carlile
Don "Buzz" Roach
Wayne Stucki
Lucinda Gray
Beverly Covington
Lee Hansen
Erin Schimbeck

Chairman Ted Snow opened the meeting at 5:30 pm. He postponed reading minutes and other board business and introduced representatives from "Turning Point", an "adventure-based leadership program for troubled teens". These representatives are Joel Sessions, Duane Fielding, and Erin Schimbeck.

They explained that their company takes both State of Utah and privately enrolled youth who are troubled or "at risk" and conduct a "positive peer culture" rehabilitation program.

Duane Fielding stated that they own a home on Lloyd Canyon Drive and are asking the community's support to take up to 8 privately-enrolled problem teenage boys ages 13 to 18, and conduct parts of their program from that home in Pine Valley. He explained that there would be 2 adults who must be over 21 years of age and pass a State of Utah background check to supervise every four teens. The Turning Point representatives stated they were asking the county for a conditional use permit for 8 teens, but could place 4 teens in the Pine Valley residence without need for such a conditional use permit.

After explaining the basis of the proposal, the representatives held a question and answer session with the residents present at the meeting which centered around the following points:

  • Boys would be in Pine Valley about 2 weeks per month starting in October 2001.
  • The Turning Point company is owned by Derek Cook and Erin Schimbeck, and is covered by insurance bond as required by the State of Utah up to $10 million.
  • The State of Utah inspects the facilities approximately every 2 months.
  • The program is very structured and the boys don't have idle time. There are alarms on doors and windows. Awake-night supervision is required for 8 teens, but not for 4.

    Comments made by property owners and residents during these discussions were all adamantly opposed to the proposal, and the following points were made to support this opposition:

  • There are over 400 homes in Pine Valley, approximately 90% of which are unoccupied most of the time making them vulnerable to vandalism, theft, or other criminal acts. The town has no regular law enforcement and depends on the Washington County Sheriff's Department officers who are an hour away.
  • Some residents felt that the Turning Point group intended to have 4 boys by virtue of already having acquired a home and were using "strong-arm tactics" to get permission for another 4 boys.
  • There was concern that if one program was started that others would follow and thereby change the character of the community.
  • An offer was made to help Turning Point find another suitable location that would not be intermingled with a small town and many unoccupied dwellings.

    Residents and property owners discussed methods of formal opposition to the plan, including contacting county officials, petitions, and possible legal action.

    Seeing the adamant nature of the opposition to their proposal, the Turning Point representatives said they would look for a facility elsewhere.

    The discussion was continuing when a sudden medical emergency arose. The meeting ended quickly at 6:20 pm and did not resume.

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