Minutes of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Directors meeting held on May 2, 2000 at 4:00 p.m. in the Washington County Administration Bldg., 197 E. Tabernacle, St George, Utah.

Board members present: Chairman, Ted Snow; Vicki Frei, Ron Snow, David Despain, and Judd Burgess.

Also present were Julie Cropper, (Secretary), Dall Winn, (Pine Valley Fire Chief), Bill Hipp (US Forest Service), Layne Frei and George Cropper.

Ted Snow welcomed the board members and guests. Minutes of the April 4, 2000 meeting were read and approved.

Old business subjects were discussed as follows:

- The subject of assessing fire protection fees for outbuildings was further discussed. Several questionable buildings were mentioned including possible commercial uses on the Mangum property and apartments above garages. It was suggested that there was a need to check all zoning requirements for such uses. Judd Burgess mentioned that he had discussed this issue with people at Diamond Valley and said they assess so much per thousand dollars based on County Assessor property valuation. This would require considerable work to set up system but would bring equality between low and higher value properties. This system may require consultation and help from the County attorney and a year's notice to set up. Another alternative mentioned was assessing a set fee (such as $50.00) for all outbuildings with a restroom. No action was taken and the subject tabled for further study.

- We have not as of yet received a bill from Ginger Mathis (EMT), for Emergency Medical Technician training.

- Ted reported that the Post Office building was proceeding but the size had been changed to 24'x12'. The Post Office Department will share a cost of $2,000.00 on the prefab building. The community needs to come up with about $4,500.00 for the building and to install it. Bill Hipp said Forest Service processing is pending final size and specifications for the permit. Pine Valley community will need to do the labor to erect the building. Sid Atkin, Earl Snow and Buzz Roach are continuing to work on this project. Possible sources of funds were discussed including party committee donations.

- The Forest Service Community Center meeting held last Saturday, April 29, 2000, was briefly mentioned. There seemed to be a lot of support and people and groups willing to participate. Some shelves, tables and fixtures have already been donated.

- The rental bill to Pine Valley Irrigation Company was mentioned. The bill for July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000 is to be sent.

- Vicki Frei mentioned that the Pine Valley Website is operating.

- New bank signature cards were signed. The secretary will deliver these to the bank and proceed to pay bills.

-Fire Chief, Dall Winn mentioned several items as follows:

a. Two fire hydrants need to be put in, one on Sage Road, one near Dick Miles.
b. Dall Winn and Buzz Roach attended a seminar in St. George about Africanized Bees, which seem to be approaching our area. He submitted bill for the seminar and needs to buy some soap material to go in one or more fire truck to spray on bees. Dall also needs duct tape and six veils to protect fire fighters in the event of a bee call out. The veils are about $4.50 each. These expenditures were approved by the board.
c. Dall raised a concern about workman's compensation insurance for firefighters. He had contacted Utah State Workman Comp. and we are apparently not covered. We could get coverage for 90 people who do not have to be individually named for $300.00 per year. Dall had an application for this and the secretary was instructed to send it in.
d. We had a fire call to Central by mistake recently. We haven't received any reimbursement for out of district fires this year.
e. We need to have safety inspections on fire trucks this month and there will be some expense for this.
f. A bill was presented for truck fuel expense.

- Board member, David Despain, reported that he had no response as of yet in finding a young lady to represent the valley as Pine Valley Princess. The person needs to be unmarried from 14 to 18 years of age. He will keep looking but may not be able to get one.

- Some discussion was held on indiscriminate OHV operation. Bill Hipp, US Forest Service representative, said that the rules are very hard to enforce when information indicating closed use is posted and then ignored. Layne Frei suggested that the Sheriff's Department should come and patrol heavily on week-ends and that would probably help most of the summer. Vicki Frei will post rules for 4 wheelers on the web site as well as posting notice of the web site in the Post Office.

- The possibility of having Pine Valley Special Service District meetings conducted in Pine Valley was discussed. It was decided that beginning June 6, 2000, the board meeting will be conducted at 5:00 p.m. at the Pine Valley Fire Hall. This meeting will include regular business and making plans for a general public meeting set for Tuesday, July 4, 2000. The Pine Valley property owners will be notified of the July meeting by website and an outside sign near the Post Office.

- A motion to adjourn was made by Judd Burgess, seconded by Vicki Frei. Motion was approved. The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Julie M. Cropper, Secretary

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