Minutes of the meeting of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Directors held on February 1, 2000, at 4:00 PM in the Washington County Administration Bldg., 197 E. Tabernacle, St. George, Utah.

Board members present: Ted Snow, Judd Burgess, Ron Snow, Vicki Frei and Dave Despain.

Also present: Dall Winn and Gwen Iverson.

Ted welcomed and introduced the two new members of the Board - Vicki Frei and Ron Snow and expressed appreciation to them for accepting the job.

Minutes of the meeting held December 30, 1999 were approved.

Randy Russell and Jeff Waalkes came to the meeting for a few minutes to discuss the planned burns they anticipate having in the future - to explain their plans and get some feedback from residents. The burns will be in the Ranchos area where the brush and foliage are so thick. They will keep us informed of their plans.

Dallas Mangum also came in for a few minutes to present plans for a barn-type structure he wants to build on his property to accommodate large crowds for reunions etc. It will be similar to the two structures he has on his property already with a metal roof. They discussed the plans but no decisions were made. It will increase traffic on the road which is not oiled and will create a dust problem for homes in that area.

Ted reported that he had talked to Julie Cropper about accepting the Secretary job as Gwen thinks since she has had the job for ten years it is time to make a change. Judd made motion to accept Julie as secretary, and Vicki seconded the motion. It carried.

Judd made motion to approve the bills presented for payment - rain gutters at the fire station in the amount of $486 and repay the County for advertisement costs in the amount of $200 for the two vacancies on the Board. Dave seconded the motion. It carried.

Discussed what type of activities to hold in the fire station. Decided it would be ok to hold funeral lunches if necessary in winter months when the chapel is not available but only to use the meeting room not where the trucks are parked and the trucks are not to be moved out. Can't take a chance on the hoses freezing up. Also, Dall needs to be notified since he is the one that keeps the fire station clean and he needs to be aware if activities are to be held there.

Vicki offered to set up a website for the Pine Valley community on a trial basis if the Board would like. It costs $70 for two years and she will run it for free. She feels it would be a good way to get information out regarding activities being held, church times, etc. The Board decided to try it out and see how it goes.

The board approved the annual letter to be sent out for the $100 fire protection assessment fee. Dall also has a letter to enclose with training times etc.

Ted said if we need a meeting in March, we will notify the Board members.

Judd made motion to dismiss. Ron seconded. Motion carried.

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