Minutes of the Pine Valley Special Service District Board of Directors meeting held on December 5, 2000 at 4:00 p.m. in the Washington County Administration Bldg., 197 E. Tabernacle, St George, Utah.

Board members present: Chairman Ted Snow; Vicki Frei; and Judd Burgess. Members not present: Ron Snow; David Despain.

Also present: Dall Winn, Pine Valley Fire Chief; Julie Cropper, Board Secretary; George Cropper.

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm. Minutes of the November 7, 2000 meeting were read and approved.

A thank you card addressed to the Board from former PVSSD Secretary Gwen Iverson was read and acknowledged.

A tentative budget for the year 2001 was presented and the following details discussed:

- acquiring a printing calculator.
- the possibility of acquiring Washington County tax records by computer disc or over the internet.
- cost of miscellaneous office supplies and materials.
- rate of compensation for the Secretary. The Secretary estimated about 30 to 32 hours a month, and felt it was worth $7.50 per hour.
- discussed any computer software needs. It was decided we already have what we need. Vicki Frei will help Julie Cropper, Secretary, get Excel software operating.

Judd Burgess moved and Vicki Frei seconded a motion to approve having the Secretary purchase office supplies as needed including a printing calculator. Expenses to be paid by check. The motion also included compensating the Secretary at the rate of $7.50 per hour. A record of time spent is to be kept. Motion carried.

Vicki Frei moved and Judd Burgess seconded a motion to adopt the budget for 2001 as presented. The motion carried.

Dall Winn, Pine Valley Fire Chief, updated the Board on activities of the department as follows:

- a letter has been sent to Ron Larsen, Utah State Division of Forestry, requesting his help in acquiring a crew cab truck by purchase or donation to transport firefighters and gear safely.
- a grant application requesting $18,000.00 was made for Urban Wildland Interface Funds. If awarded, the money would be used for equipment and information/education kits to help reduce fuel on private property. The Flame-In-Goes, a state prison crew could provide some labor and complement haszard reduction work being done by the Forest Service.

A continuing safety issue of kids on sled and four wheelers being used on public streets and roads was discussed. It is a growing problem and the Sheriff has been contacted, but has limited enforcement capability. The Board agreed that more needs to be done to get existing laws enforced before there is a serious accident.

Vicki Frei moved to adjourn the meeting; Judd Burgess seconded the motion. Motion carried, and meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm.

Julie M. Cropper, Secretary

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