Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of the PINE VALLEY SPECIAL SERVICE DISTRICT held on April 4, 2000, at 4:00 PM in the Washington County Administration Bldg., 197 E. Tabernacle, St. George, Utah.

Board Members present: Chairman, Ted Snow, Vicki Frei, Ron Snow, and Judd Burgess. Member David Despain was excused.

Also present were George Cropper, filling in for Secretary Julie M. Cropper, Charles Peterson, and Layne Frei.

Ted Snow welcomed the board members and guests. He reported that Dall Winn's grandson had passed away and a sympathy card was being passed around for all to sign and be sent by the board. Ted Snow will get a gift to send with the card to the family.

Minutes of the February 1, 2000 meeting were read and after a motion by Ron Snow and a second by Vicki Frei, they were approved.

Ted Snow reported follow-up information on some February meeting issues. He said that:
-The Forest Service is still working on their burning and fuel reduction plan to help protect the Lloyd Canyon area. It is probably too late to get any burning done this spring.
-The Dallas Mangum structure was approved. Mr. Mangum may be held responsible for the road improvement or dust abatement.
-Ted Snow is continuing work on a better solution to the rain gutter problem at the fire station. It did not work well with the heavy snow.
-Ted Snow commented on the use of the fire station for community activities including funeral lunches. He felt that we should have a liberal policy and even pull the fire trucks outside unless weather is below freezing. The fire chief definitely need to be notified and use needs to be controlled by responsible persons and the building left clean by the rules set for the use of the facilities. The board discussed this issue and did not think that the non-fire public use could occur very often. It was the consensus of the board that if such uses become a problem they would address it in more detail later.

Vicki Frei gave an update on the Pine Valley Internet Web Page. The address is www.pinevalleyutah.com. The site will be submitted to search engines this week. She will also try to get linked through a local internet provider. She is getting some additions added to the history section. The site will contain information on the Pine Valley church services, dates and times, campground opening, and other information of general interest.

Ted Snow questioned Vicki Frei about the costs of the project. She volunteered to donate the cost ($70) for the first two years. If it works then she may ask for help after that time.

Charles Peterson was welcomed and asked if he had any issues to discuss with the board. He replied he was just there to get acquainted. He did ask about the process to rename a street. He said Dominguez and Escalante had used the name Sierra Alta to describe this area, but he hadn't seen it used anywhere. Mr. Peterson wondered if the present Pine Valley Road, which accesses his and other properties, could be renamed. This issue was briefly discussed. Ted Snow said he would contact County Planner John Willie about feasibility and process.

Ted Snow said he had discussed the issue of assessing the $100 fire protection fee for outbuildings with some county people without getting any possible solution. There are all kinds and sizes of sheds, barns, storage, and other 'second' buildings in the valley or in the process of being built. The board discussed this issue with the general consensus that the fee should be charged for any buildings containing a restroom. The board agreed to table this issue and give some time to contact Dammeron Valley and other communities, to get some ideas how they handle this issue and to try to be consistent with Washington County.

Ted Snow reported that Ginger Mathis is in the process of Emergency Medical Technician recertification and would like to advance to the Intermediate Level of training. After brief discussion, Vicki Frei moved and Judd Burgess seconded to pay about $500 in costs to get Ginger recertified at the Intermediate Level.

The report on the postal service plans was given by Ted Snow. He said the plan is to get the Forest Service approval to place boxes and a shelter canopy on the Forest Service leased property just west of the fire station. Some additional parking will be developed that will also help the fire station. The Post Office Department will be putting in a 26' x 12' concrete pad and supply a canopy kit and mail boxes. The valley would have to provide volunteer labor to erect the canopy. The Washington County Road Department has agreed to help with snow removal around the Post Office box area. Buzz Roach and Sid Atkin are following up on getting the Forest Service Lease amemded and the project underway.

Vicki Frei mentioned a letter from the Forest Service about a meeting to discuss the Commmunity Center, to be held at 10:00 AM on April 29th at the center site. She will connect any events at the community center on the web page. Discussion on the need to have general public meetings in Pine Valley this summer was brought up by Ted Snow. It was agreed to hold the meeting on a Saturday in early July. The details will be worked out at a later time.

Posting notices of Pine Valley Special Services District monthly meetings in public places was brought up for discussion by Vicki Frei. Ted said official notice was given in the annual letter. Vicki will put meeting information on the web site. It can be flashing if a meeting is not being held. Vicki reminded that the board needs to contact Julie Cropper about billing the Pine Valley Irrigation Company for the use fo the old fire house. This was previously agreed to be $100 per month or $1200 per year. The secretary was instructed to send this bill.

Ted Snow mentioned that he has a training manual for board memebers to help answer questions they may have and is available for members to review.

The board discussed the need for a meeting in May. A meeting on June 6, 2000 will be conducted to plan for the July meeting in Pine Valley.

Ron Snow moved for adjournment and it was seconded by Judd Burgess. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 PM.

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